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Judy Hevenly


Psychic and Spiritual Counselor


America's 100 Top Psychics


Phone: 1-310-820-7280

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Specializing in Love Relationships, Career Issues and Departed Loved Ones on the Other Side


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Judy Hevenly is one of the leading intuitives in America today, and was featured in the best selling book, The 100 Top Psychics in America.


Judy lives in Los Angeles, California. She works with clients both in the USA and internationally. Judy's amazing gift of prophecy has helped so many people change their lives for the better, both mentally and spiritually.

Judy is also a teacher, astrologer, and writer, whose predictions were published by news services globally.

Her forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers world-wide. Judy's clientele includes Royalty, former Presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and Heads of State. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial.

Judy is a natural clairvoyant, mystic, and healer, and answers your questions on soul mates, past lives, career and money matters. She interprets your dreams, removes creative blocks, and helps you obtain what you need in life. Judy can also contact your departed loved ones on the other side, and helps you gain a new level spiritually so that you are never the same again.

For the last 17 years Judy has been  energizing the Blue Dot  for The National Enquirer, which has resulted in over $175 million in lottery and casino winnings for its readers. The U.S. $60 Million Mega Jackpot Winner, from Studio City, California, attributed her lucky break to the newspaper's "Blue Dot."

Recognized for her work of 25 years in the field of the paranormal, Judy has appeared on many TV Shows including CBS's "Entertainment Tonight,"  "Geraldo",  and the "Joan Rivers Show." She has been a talk guest on the BBC in London, CBS Radio in Los Angeles, and Radio Shows in Canada; Anchorage, Alaska; Hawaii; Hong Kong; Australia and Africa.

Judy has also appeared in America on KNBC, ABC and CNN Television news stations, and on Hollywood's TV Guide Channel's "Idol Chat," whose viewers total 80 million nationwide.  She was also interviewed by the Israeli Times, Times of India newspapers, and in the "After Dark, The Official Coast to Coast AM Magazine," Judy's predictions were featured in the "Coastzone Newsletter."


Judy is well known for her Oscar predictions, which have an accuracy rate of 90%. She has correctly forecast over 350 events, both globally and in the United States.

Judy is also a teacher, astrologer, and writer, whose world predictions are published by news services globally. She is also featured in the latest edition of "The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America 2014." http://top-100-psychics.com/

Judy programs you for success, prosperity, peace and love, for the years leading into the Aquarian Age of 2012, thru the power of meditation and new age thought.

Judy is celebrating her 21st Anniversary with Wireless Flash News (San Diego), and supports www.kiva.org and other charitable organizations both in Los Angeles, and worldwide.

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