September 2021 Horoscope

March 21– April 20
September is the month to reconsider your priorities. Practice compassionate listening. As you do so you may get what you want after all. The new moon September 6th set your intention and launch new work projects. The Full Moon September 20th the Harvest moon, you will align your personal will with a higher power.

April 21– May 21
The beginning of Fall sees you calm and tranquil. Career-wise you will face a crossroads of sorts where you may need to make some snap decisions. You will have the clarity and confidence to do so. Your greatest growth will be in your romantic life. As you practice loving yourself and been less attached, things will turn out well.

May 22 – June 21
You have been put to the test this year. Your principal goal is the dissemination of knowledge. It’s okay not to know. You are conquering duality and paradox in this lifetime. The Sun in your sign supports your success. You work harder than usual. The New Moon September 6th sees a burst of personal power. This leads you to a new beginning.

June 22 – July 22
You are challenged in your work environment. Tap your inner intuition to help you see clearly and avoid reacting. You feel an increased desire for home comforts and close friends to bring balance and ease the tension and chaos. The Full Moon September 20th sees you welcoming Fall and feeling good. You arrive at a new awareness. All will be well!

July 23 – August 22
You now accept certain realities and responsibilities. Career-wise you make progress. Some friendships may not last so be ready to let go if need be. You will have great Mercurial flow this month. You communicate with clarity and navigate your life fully. Love-wise you take everything in your stride.

August 23 -September 22
A whole new beginning for you. Your creative vision is high. Now your dreams come true. As the month progress you find your way. You are at the right time and place to shine. Your projects, associations, and creative actions all do well. Romance-wise dream big. Your wishes may come true.

September 23– October 22
You are very magnetic this month and very creative. September makes you sparkle in your love life. You have what it needs to incite a partner, whether new or from the past. Business or love partnerships leads to your growth. You transform your life to a higher level; it will all be worth it.

October 23– November 21
You plan a Fall getaway and are full of enthusiasm. You have a de ja vu moment or flash of genius insight about your future. This steers you in a new direction. The Full Moon September 20th, you tackle a personal relationship matter. You need to trust your gut. Listen, and pay attention. Wait for clarity before moving forward.

November 22 – December 31
September tests your capacity to expand your mind. Knowing this, loosen up on your belief systems a bit, take note of someone else’s experience, and adjust your own level of reality. In today’s world you are capable to motivate and move people to beyond the normal day mindset. You accomplish your wishes and follow through. Money flows if you keep your mind right!

December 22 – January 20
You feel very accomplished, and VIP’s support your hard work. However, you may be challenged by others not meeting your expectations. Practice restraint and avoid conflict. New creative alliances move your projects forward. Equinox, September 22nd, you experience a turning point in the flow of energy. Take time to connect with the healing energies of nature.

January 21– February 19
Its time to lay the real groundwork from the mental energy you’ve used to visualizing your future. New opportunities and expansion are abundant for you. Doors that were closed will open. Stay connected to your heart. This is your year to bring your dreams into reality!

February 20 – March 20
You will make great progress if you show up fully for work. Getting away at weekends in nature rebalances your nervous system. Stay connected to the natural flow of elements. Mercury goes retrograde September 26th until October 18th. Be patient with yourself and others. Show appreciation for the special people that light up your life!