May 2023 Horoscope

Strike while iron is hot and launch a new career plan or goal. Lady luck smiles down on you personally and professionally. Your income and savings grow. Socially you will be busy with home and family matters. News of a settlement, investment, or asset growth arrives just after the New Moon May 19, for others, news of promotion.

April 21– May 21
May 16 starts a whole new cycle where new beginnings and blessings follow you. You are popular now and new friends enter the picture. Singles may fall in love. Make a list of your goals and begin building towards them. The second half of May is a time to see one of your dreams turn into a reality.

May 22 – June 21
A major hope or dream is now in reach. Move quickly, ask for favors and you will get what you want. Listen to your intuition, live in the now, let go of the past. May 19 you will take time out to rest more and recharge. Now’s the time to plant the seeds you would like to see come true in one year’s time.

June 22 – July 22

Focus on getting all your plans, projects and goals in alignment as good news is on the horizon. The planet of luck and good fortune is in your social sector until this time next year. Singles find a friendship become more in a romantic sense. Career-wise, May 19, is a day to ask a favor.

July 23 – August 22
You have the edge personally and professionally in your life in May. You project confidence, others feel it. Jupiter the planet of good luck brings success in all your business endeavors. New opportunities present themselves. Take time out of your busy schedule to help a friend.

August 23 -September 22
May is a time to explore new horizons and learn more about yourself thorough meditation travel or work. Your social life picks up. Attending events, parties or networking in your career adds to your popularity and brings work success. Virgos without partners have luck with online dating.

September 23– October 22
Singles are about to meet someone that will turn out to be a true soul-mate connection. Professionally you could be blessed financially. Rewards, success could now be at hand. The new Moon May 19 will help you to get things back to normal in your personal life.

October 23– November 21
A lunar eclipse in your sign on the Full Moon, May 5, will be the last for a while. It will rock your life and alter your destiny. It could bring a major shift in a relationship or goal. This cosmic energy brings a better work and life balance. Singles are lucky and could meet the person of their dreams.

November 22 – December 21

A turning point month for you. The planet of good luck is in your sign until May 16. Singles can align with a soulmate. The New Moon, May 19, sees your career pick up, pace yourself, and you find a better routine. Good news by month’s end has you smiling.

December 22 – January 20

Things are shifting, there is a lot of expansion and fortunate news taking place after Mercury moves forward on May 14. Creativity, romance, and true love are all in the cards. Work-wise working as a team brings favor.

January 21 – February 19
Seize this month to launch any new career plans as you will be in the spotlight. Your creative ideas will be welcomed. Spending time with family and loved ones brings its own rewards. Progress is made around a work-related project. A health matter improves.

Jupiter the planet of good luck energizes your financial zone. If your income hasn’t increased now is the time to ask for a raise. You will be interested in travel to nearby locales and destinations by month’s end. Singles who are dating can expect to see serious romance in the cards.