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Joeman Show Episode 18
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My predictions about Queen and Ukraine are on it. The predictions re. Queen comes up at 6:15-6:30 link, prediction re. Ukraine 7:12.

“US president will die this year? Who will be the new president? Another prophet is on fire recently.

This prophet became famous for predicting some big events in 2022, including the recent outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. She even predicted the winner of the Oscar for Director, Actor and Actress in 2022 And she has a lot of other predictions for 2022.

The predictions about the second half of 2022 are very surprising. How many predictions in 2022 will come true?

This prophet’s name is Judy Hevenly. Let’s look at what predictions she has made for 2022.”

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BP- Black Purple

Let’s look at what predictions she has made for 2022.Prophecy, Universe, and the Unknown World

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Wayne Grover, Journalist,
Florida, January 4th, 2021.

National Enquirer, March 18 2019

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