Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs 2015

March 21 – April 20
A lucky start in 2015 making you feel you can
accomplish anything. A steady work year. New job
position and relocating in the fall. Stay healthy by
watching your diet and exercising regularly.
Love wise keep the lines of communication open
for greater intimacy.

April 21 – May 21
It’s a year to start something new.
Mentally you are prepared for it. Keep your
eyes open for a career change in the Summer.
Romance wise you are popular and June and July
favors love. Singles could meet a soul mate,
and for married ones, your connection deepens.

May 22 – June 21
It’s a year of personal growth and all
relationships blossom.. Mentally it is a time to
regroup and think. Practice patience in your
career life as new people enter your life.
Listen and benefit from their experiences.
Your money flow is good.

June 22 – July 22
Its all about keeping your emotions
under control. Listen to your intuition and trust
your feelings. Take good care of yourself so you
can take care of others. July and October favor
new work assignments. Romance wise
it’s a passionate year for lovers.

July 23 –August 23
You can look forward to a balanced year
ahead. Travel opportunities surprise and
energize. Doors open for your career wise
in April and July. In August single
Leos spend quality with a serious love
interest. Luck and money follows you.

August 24 – September 23
You have a great drive to succeed this
year. New opportunities and congenial people
enter your life. Enhanced creativity and been
there for a loved one counts. September
sees you closing a business deal or buying
a new house.

September 24 0 October 23
2015 gives you a wish for more material
security and comfort. Network to attract
new contacts who prove to be lucky and
productive. Romance wise listen and spend
more time in creating more magic in your
love life. October favors travel.

October 24 – November 22
Good luck and instincts are yours this year.
Try to remain cool and not overact at work. You
assume more responsibility. If job searching,
April and May are favored. In love remain
open and kind. September sees the cosmos
favoring you with more money.

November 23 – December 21
A great year ahead. You receive
a lot of respect and admiration. There is a lot
of success in your career with new opportunities
for relocation and promotion. You’re creativity is
at an all time high. Love wise you share a
common goal.

December 22 – January 20
A new start this year. Be your own
best friend and let your intuition be your guide.
You have lots of ambition and energy for work, and
your efforts will not go unnoticed. If seeking
a better job, you could land something really good.
Been helpful and supportive to others pays off.

January 21 – February 19
A well-balanced and highly successful 2015.
Jupiter in your sign all years brings luck and money.
Your energy is high. Summer sees your best productive
work. October brings a fated encounter for singles,
and deepens the emotional bond for married

February 20 – March 20
It’s a new and better you this year. Doors that were
previously closed now open to you. Remain
healthy. Summer sees you projecting a winning image.
Singles enjoy an exciting period,while married couples
enjoy their togetherness.

Psychic Astrologist
Judy Hevenly