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Judy Hevenly is a leading psychic and intuitive. She specializes in love relationships, career issues, and departed loved ones on the other side. Call now. Office: 310-820-7280. Phone/Text 424-273-5839. 

Recognized for her work of 25 years in the field of the paranormal, Judy has appeared on many TV Shows including CBS’s “Entertainment Tonight,”CNN, “Geraldo”, and the late “Joan Rivers Show.” Her amazing gift of prophecy has helped many people change their lives for the better, both mentally and spiritually. She posts monthly horoscopes for all and provides party entertainment.

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Her forecasts have appeared in publications and newspapers world-wide. Judy’s clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and Heads of State. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial.

She lives in Los Angeles CA and does psychic readings for people from all walks of life and works with clients internationally. Judy is also a teacher, astrologer, writer, and columnist for the Irish Herald.

How much do Judy’s readings cost? Click on this blue link “Book your psychic reading now.”  This is where you can select your type of reading, pay for it now, and send Judy your query. Consultations are by phone, Skype or email or in person office readings in Los Angeles. 1st time caller. $75 for 15 minutes. She is reached by e-mail at judy@judyhevenly.comSign up for her newsletter, with monthly horoscopes, and more.

She is also featured in the best-selling book, The 100 Top Psychics in America and Astrologers in America.

Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America book

Judy is also a natural clairvoyant, mystic, and healer, and answers your questions on soul mates, past lives, career and money matters. She interprets your dreams, removes creative blocks, and helps you obtain what you need in life. Judy can also contact your departed loved ones on the other side, and helps you gain a new level spiritually so that you are never the same again.

Judy does online psychic readings and office consultations daily. She is on Skype and provides email guidance for world-wide clientele, and specializes in love relationships.

She is able to tune into dates time and places coming up in your life so you can plan a better future.

Judy’s mission is to help you with her intuitive vision with things she sees will happen in your life, dates, times and places, so that you can plan for a better future.

Judy has also appeared in America on KNBC, ABC and CNN Television news stations, and on Hollywood’s TV Guide Channel’s “Idol Chat.” She was also interviewed by the Israeli Times, Times of India newspapers, and in the “After Dark, The Official Coast to Coast AM Magazine.”

Judy Hevenly, Los Angeles psychic, at ocean shoreJudy is well known for her Oscar predictions which have an accuracy rate of 90%. She has correctly forecasted over 350 world events both globally and in USA, and is featured in the book ‘Seven Psychics,” by David Bolton and “A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence,” by Jacqueline Murray.

For the last 25 years Judy’s spiritual powers have been energizing the Blue Dot for The National Enquirer, which has resulted in over $175 million in lottery and casino winnings for its readers.

Judy programs you for success, prosperity, peace and love in the new Aquarian Age and beyond, and is the author of the forthcoming best seller book “Follow Your Soul’s Intuition,” (working title) to be released in 2020.


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Office: 310-820-7280
Phone/Text 424-273-5839
Skype: judyhevenly1

Book your psychic reading now.

Readings are by phone, Skype and email.
Option for office readings in the Los Angeles area

1st time Caller, $75 for 15 minutes.
$125 for 30 minutes.
$150 for 45 minutes.
$200 for 1 hour. Phone, email, or office.

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Judy Hevenly. Eye on LA –( ABC7) – KDOC TV 2/15/83.