2022 Predictions

2022 Predictions from Judy Hevenly. First predictions posted Dec. 5, 2021.

Judy Hevenly. Enquirer psychic gets all Oscar predictions right


The new Omicron Covid variant from South Africa will have world leaders and health officials concerned that this new mutation could start another dangerous pandemic crisis. I predict the world’s top Covid-19 vaccine makers will adapt their vaccines fast to combat the spread of Omicron and come out with an adapted vaccine shot to combat this new threat.

Covid-19 will make its way out by the end of 2022. There will still be state and local flare-ups in US but life in general will return to the post-pandemic normal.

The arrival of the two new antiviral drugs will mark the turning point in the fight of Covid-19. Both these Covid-19 pills and a vaccine for the new variant will be a major step forward in containing the pandemic and returning people’s lives back to normal. Other generic drugmakers will come out with a low-cost version of this pill for other countries and make it more accessible for half of the world’s population. For vaccinated people in the developed continent the virus will no longer pose a danger, but it will still be a threat in the developing continents. Distribution of the vaccinations globally will happen more quickly so that the poor in these countries don’t suffer.

2022 will be a new world, a re-shaped economy, people will change their long-held beliefs as they adapt to a new society trying to get back to normal. It’s a time to rebuild lives, and a willingness to work hard to see future success and growth.

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Judy Hevenly is a teacher, intuitive, astrologer, and writer, whose forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers worldwide. Her clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and heads of state. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial. She is is featured in the book, Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.

Past predictions from Judy

Judy correctly predicted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron re-election in France, Bongbong Marcos the new President of the Philippines, Yoon Seok-Youl, the new Leader of South Korea, 94th Academy Awards winners, the President’s infrastructural bill passing US Congress, and America rejoining Paris’s climate agreement.

Here are Judy Hevenly’s 2022 predictions.

USA 2022 Predictions

USA map

President Joe Biden will restore America’s economy and US and the World will recognize his well-deserved efforts to set the country on a more positive and progressive path.

America’s leader will be able to get things done in the first half of the year but in the second half there are possible health problems for President Biden.

A stronger economy in 2022 but Inflation will be on the rise making it hard for consumers and businesses and the US exporter faces a higher dollar in the future, making US goods more expensive for foreign countries. Exports of US natural gas will hit a new high. Oil and coal exports will thrive as Europe and Asia seek supplies.

It will be a tight labor market that will demand pay hikes. Wage gains will be strong in construction, manufacturing, shipping, travel retail and food services, with a high demand for skilled workers.

America and US will face higher commodities prices and shortages of key components which will not only hold back business in US but other parts of the world. Delays in shipping especially at some ports in US.

Domestic airfares will go up 20% and food prices will continue to rise.

US Federal agencies go paperless.

A new law sparks a boom for the $1B Marijuana- linked CBD industry

The Blue Map for Zero Carbon, a green-house-gas database will help to expand climate change. More banks, companies and private investors will tap into this Blue Map system to make green choices in their sourcing and investment practices.

Republicans see a blueprint for broader success with their party winning the House of Representatives in 2022.

Brian Kemp to win the 2022 Georgia Republican gubernational nomination.

Kevin Mc Carthy (R-CA) may take the speaker’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). If that happened, it would be harder for the chamber to pass important bills that would increase the debt ceiling.

Remote work will be here to stay, with most US business firms planning to continue all-remote. Robots a favorite in warehouses and on factory floors.

Cybercrime hits an all-time high, with states using social media to try to hack workers, and American businesses under siege. Google and IBM will both invest to expand high-level security programs and help secure software supply chains. Amazon will provide in house security awareness programs for the public for free.

Top of the agenda this year for policymakers will be a need to weatherproof the power grid. Possibility of a drone attack on this US power structure..

Condo sales in Real Estate will boom in urban areas as higher home prices and mortgage rates condos will attract more buyers.

Important changes in US Government and IRS.

President Biden to strengthen federal oversight of the financial industry and strengthening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The President will clamp down on social media platforms policies and the sites ill adjust their policies accordingly.

Biden will create a Civilian Climate Corps an environment focused jobs program and will seek funding to get this off the ground.

President Trump will continue to an active role behind the scenes in politics and will announce he is running for the next election, however Nikki Hale, in 2023,will emerge and become a force to deal with.

A cyberattack on a major fuel pipeline.

Hybrid cars will become more popular as consumer worry about rising gas prices as they are more economical for many buyers.

A new generation fighter Jet developed even stealthier and can last longer than any current Air Force planes and will serve as a data hub for autonomous drone wingmen.

Violent crime on the uprise and local government will devote more money to their police forces in the hopes of stemming the wave of violence and thefts at local Malls.

Us automakers come out with a crash-avoid brake in 2022.

A big fire breaks out in Chicago causing much damage to the city.

An electrical power outage in New York City.

A Drone Threat to the US electrical power grid.

A law passed making daylight savings time permanent, keep the springtime clock switch all year long

US Post office will offer banking services at select locations where customers can deposit business checks.

This would help rescue USPS finances and help those with no access to banks.

A digital dollar in US on the way with a pilot program and private researchers working on this giving the public a digital alternative to coins and banknotes.

CNN to be bought by Jeff Bezos or another large corporation, and a major overhaul will take place bringing in a more diversified news team to fit the modern times.

The Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, (R) and Sanders (R) Arkansas both win their GOP Governor Primary races in 2022.

Ronald Reagan, Judy Hevenly

Artificial intelligence technology will be used for more and more businesses to hike employee productivity and enhance efficiency. It will enhance rather than displace human workers, and a slew of new jobs will be created.

IRS looking into digital currencies asking customers information from coin platforms and focusing audits on big firms.

Nasa lands a rover on the Moon to find water and later will mine this water to make rocket fuel during future trips to the Moon.

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World 2022 Predictions

World map

A troubling year for Prime Minister Boris Johnson of England. He will work hard to impose party discipline and Sir Graham Brady will play a central part in British politics.

Boris Johnson could step down, Chancellor Rishi Sunak of the Conservatives, Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, or Jeremy Hunt, could replace him.

A hard Brexit could end UK’s growth in 2022.

Europe’s economy is set to slow down because of the rise of Covid cases with supply shortages and inflation.

Newly built trains in England will run entirely on hydrogen emitting water.

Asia will see good progress with the Covid pandemic, India and Vietnam will ease restrictions, and rebuild their economies, but Northern and Eastern Europe Covid-19 case will still rise forcing those European governments to implement harsh rules to protect its people.

Russia and China and North Korea getting bolder against US and other countries. XI Jinping is re-elected CCP General Secretary of China.

The Chinese will make their move on Taiwan and US will be helpless because of the debt they owe to China, and it will be disastrous for US and the global economy and everyone will have to adjust to a more difficult relationship with that country.

Putin will try to destroy the independent state of Ukraine, and get rid of Nato to cement Russia’s role as rival to the West, United Kingdom will have to choose between gas from Russia or Ukraine and Putin will provoke Ukraine by a show of military power.

Unexpected illness for Vladimir Putin, and protests, uprising and unrest in in his country.

There will be change of leadership in Russia or a possible coup to remove Vladimir Putin.

Kim Jung UN of North Korea will rattle the US with his military moves and endangering the World.

Emmanuel Macron will struggle for a majority at parliamentary elections in in 2022 and will receive help from Edouard Philippe his ex-prime minister, and will win the Presidential election in France again.

Mario Draghi to stay on as Prime Minister of Italy.

Canada’s economy is still in good standing despite supply chain disruptions that affect other global countries are affecting Canada with exports down 15%. Alberta in Canada cuts it corporate tax to the lowest in Canada.

On the Maori New Year in June, the Prime Minister of New Zealand will make it a public holiday

Major floods in parts of Europe and fires in Australia, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Mexico helps to enforce the ‘stay in Mexico,’ rule for migrants wishing to enter the United States, but Democrats will open a path to citizenship for the Mexican illegal who have been in US for years. Mexico will build the US Embassy in Mexico.

South Africa passes its National Health Insurance bill in that country.

Scotland will retain its own independence and not join the EU. Republican of Ireland will leave the EU.

Philippine’s Presidential race is won by Bongbong Marcos.

Brazil’s new President will be Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Biden administration will succeed in talks with Tokyo to remove partial or full duties on Japanese steel and aluminum tariffs.

Germany government to make the country more open to migrants with new ways for asylum seekers to legally come into Germany including humanitarian visas.

Japan becomes a nuclear weapon nation.

President Biden signs a new trade deal with India.

US will revive the Iran nuclear deal, and talks will continue with both sides.

The Secure a Strong Retirement Act will pass bipartisan legislation in 2022.

Incoming PM Naftali Bennett won’t change Israel’s direction re the Palestine state, and Palestinians will focus on equal rights for its people.

Both Palestinians and Jordanians will unite to fight climate-change. Jordans solar energy will be sold to the Israeli and Palastein grids, and solar powered Israeli desalination plan could hease Jordan’s water shortage.

Iranian President Embrahim Raisa will draw closer to China, India and Russia, with its oil sales profiting, and could offer China’s navy the use of its island in the Gulf, so if there were a military showdown between China and the West it would be in the Gulf of Oman. If Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is hospitalized his reign would passto his son Mojtaba or Mr. Raisa.

New sighting and several landings of unknown lights and objects are observed on and above earth, moon and solar system planets and also in Mexico.

South Africa will open its skies to allow other airlines from other African countries free access. This will boost tourism, bring about post-pandemic recovery and help to build Africa’s plan to create the world’s largest free trade areas.

President Duterte of the Phillipines delivers on promise to reduce poverty in his country by half. South Africa implements it National health insurance bill.

The Saudis will move further away from America their security guarantor for military and economic purposes ties with China will become more important.

More co-operation between Saudis and Israel re. cyber security which Saudis need for their country.

South Korea’s Presidential winner will be Yoon Seok-Youl in 2022.

Gabriel Boric new President of Chile in 2022.

South Korea will play an important part together with President Biden to encourage North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to continue disarmament talks and dismantling its war weapons.

Terrorist attacks around the world in Europe, targeting London, Egypt, France, New York, Germany – places of worship both in US and UK with US malls, theme parks, and an airline may be hijacked.

California Politics 2022 Predictions

California will make a quick recover from the Covid-19 than the rest of the United States even though the unemployment remains high the State will add job faster.

US Rep Karen Bass (D) Los Angeles, and Councilman Kevin de Leon running for Los Angeles Mayor in June, with the edge to US Rep Karen Bass(D) who will have to address a spike in gun violence, a homelessness crisis and city trying to bounce back from the pandemic, while Kevin de Leon, fluent in Spanish, will appeal to the Latino votes of Los Angeles, and his advocacy on environmental issues. but do not underestimate the popularity of Rick Caruso to voters to garnish the necessary votes for Los Angeles Mayor.

The minimum wage in California will get an increase in 2022.

California will create the state’s own generic drug label.

A robot-powered mobile pizzeria launched in Los Angeles.

Earthquakes of 5.8 to 6.4 + or above, to hit Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and San Francisco.

94th Academy Awards, March 27, 2022

Academy Award

Best Picture: Power of the Dog, upset Coda.

Director: Jane Champion

Actress: Jessica Chastain or Penelope Cruz

Actor: Will Smith, upset Benedict Cumberbatch

Supporting Actress: Adriana De Bose

Supporting Actor: Troy Kotsur or Kodi Smith-McPhee

Adapted Screenplay: Power of the Dog, upset Coda.

Original Screenplay: Licorice Pizza or King Richard.

Cinematography: Dune, upset Power of the Dog

Costume Design: Cruella

Animated Feature Encanto

Score: Dune, Power of the Dog

Best Foreign Film: Drive My Car,

Best Make-up: The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Best Song: No Time to Die, Encanto, Be Alive, upset Encanto.

Economy / Business 2022

Chart going up

The Federal Reserve to issue a digital dollar, an alternative to coins and banknotes.

The Biden administration will make it easier to own ESG funds via 401 (k)s for retirement plans in 2022.

The market for artificial intelligence chips will become more popular including designs by start-ups backed by funders.

Technology 2022 Predictions

In 2022 US and global e-commerce sales will continue to climb, and brands will give the consumer a better shopping experience to keep customers away from marketplaces and returning for more.

Virtual customers assistants on the rise using chatbots who use artificial intelligence to answers frequently answered questions will give basic guidance, and automated response to customers via text or voice.

Amazon will catch up with Facebook and Google in the digital advertising market, by end of 2022 could have 15% of the market. Amazon will launch its own internet service.

The Chinese space station Tiangong will be fully operational which will include anti-satellite weapons. Blue Origin founded by Jeff Bezos has edge I space exploration; Nasa in US will launch three probes in 2022 to study space rocks between Mars and Jupiter. Elon Musk’s Space X will continue to work towards a permanent base on Mars.

Microsoft will step in to help those nonprofits tighten up their digital defenses by providing education material and free security tools and to track if staff or board members are targted or compromised by malicious hardware. Helping these nonprofits will make sure they continue their life-saving and important work.

A rocket ship to be launched to shorten the flight from London to Sydney in Australia in under 3 hours.

British Royalty 2022

British crown

The Sussexes will reconcile with the Royals because of the Queen’s recent health scare, and her Majesty will welcome this.

Queen Elizabeth will still be head of the British Commonwealth in 2022, but more of her duties will be handed over to her son Prince Charles after her Platinum Jubilee in June,

Later she might experience a fall in the Palace, and hospitalization might bring Queen Elizabeth’s reign to an end.

Prince Charles when he takes over the Throme will slim down the Monarchy to save money by reducing the number of full-time working members of the family to only to those in the immediate line of succession.

Sports 2022 Predictions

Legal sports betting will go mainstream opening with in-arena sportsbook in Chicago at Wrigley Field, and State Farm Stadium, in Glendale, Ariz.

Fans watching games at home on their televisions or phones, can bet this way.

New Jersey Garden State Sportsbook will retain its lead in the legal sports betting, taking in over $1.3 Billion in bets, with Nevada, a close second.

Pickleball will become a fast-growing recreation sport and some schools will adopt this sport as an alternative to basketball.

Legislation passed in Congress to access unspent funds from Covid-9 to certain minor-league baseball clubs. Eligible teams could receive grants up to $10 Million to cover business expenses.

The Rugby World Cup Sevens will be held in South Africa, and they are predicted to win.

Hollywood, Celebrities, Famous People 2022

Movie theatres will stage a big comeback in 2022 with a slew of blockbusters The Batman, Top Gun, Jurassic World, Mission Impossible 7, the Marvels and Avatar 2.

Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story,’ will be included as one of the five movies nominated for Best Picture for 2022. The film will receive three or more acting nominations, Best Director, Steven Spielberg, Best Supporting Actress, Rita Moreno, a sentimental favorite, or Adriana De Bose, and for Best Supporting Actor, Mike Feist.

Paris Hilton and her new husband could expect a baby in 2022. It would be a boy.

Adele will be a smash hit at Caesar’s Palace hotel and will have sold out performance, later in the year she could announce her engagement.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, Apple, and other entertainment streaming platforms will see their profits soar in 2022. Disney plans to launch a streaming platform in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Netflix will possibly venture in the Sports area.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman marry, and Her Majesty or Prince Charles, knights the movie and entertainment mogul.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky to announce their plans to marry.

Sad Goodbyes to Barbara Walters, Jimmy Carter, Betty White, Pope Benedict XV1, Tony Bennett, and a foreign leader.

Natural disasters 2022 Predictions

Direct impact of COVID-19 and variants will last well into 2023.

Europe will suffer from a fresh food shortage.

New strange weather patterns and earth alignments are recorded as well as unusual Paranormal events of spirit phenomena.

More states in USA taking steps to protect flooding, and raising monies for storm victims, flood bumps, sea walls and fires.

Some cities world-wide experience floods, rains and hurricanes, California, Indonesia, New Orleans, India, Florida.

Earthquakes up to 6.2 up to 7.5 or just below for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Japan, Alaska, New Zealand. Power outages in New York and San Francisco.

Hurricane season reaps havoc for parts of New York city, high tides and storms for Philippines, with wildfires in Canada, and Australia. Flooding in China and Caribbean in Winter of 2022

Health 2022 Predictions

The new Omicron Covid variant from South Africa will have world leaders and health officials concerned that this new mutation could start another dangerous Pandemic crisis. I predict the world’s top Covid-19 vaccine makers will adapt their vaccines fast to combat the spread of Omicron and come out with an adapted vaccine shot to combat this new threat.

A new health-tech industry will be formed that will redefine the biotech pharmaceutical world. This new the-pharma group will reshape the world’s health in 2022.

US Congress will pass a bill toward making the development of a new and better antibiotic drug.

China becomes the forefront investor in medical research in 2022.

Amazon will push legalization of weed at the Government level, declassifying marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.

The White House will back a law-making eligibility of Medicare from 65 to 60 years, which would give many more Americans access to Medicare coverage and negotiating prescription drug prices.

New treatments for multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis, and a Cannabis based treatment for epilepsy.

Robot deliver will take off big time, and more drones will be used in cities by hospitals delivering medical samples to laboratories quicker.