Ronald Reagan and Judy Hevenly
Ronald Reagan and Judy Hevenly

Testimonials from clients

I’ve consulted with Judy for years! She accurately predicted which college I would be accepted to and then years later, which graduate school I would be accepted to. Seeing a list of more than 10 schools, she predicted the right one in the right city. She is the real deal! Would definitely recommend. Thank you Judy! Ms LS, Westwood, 22nd June 2019.

Judy is amazing. I highly recommend her. She is truly gifted. I have been fortunate to have her guidance on several occasions over the past few years and her insights have been invaluable. Thanks for everything Judy… I very much appreciate your guidance. Ms. A.S. June 15, 2019.

I have known Judy since 2010 and I have done a lot of sessions with her over the years. I was initially skeptic but I can honestly say that Judy is 100% the real deal. I have referred several friends to her over the years) and they have had the same experience as me. Judy is down to earth, honest and humble. She can be trusted. For these reasons Judy has a reputation of being one of the best psychics today in USA. Mr. R.D. Canada 5/26/2019.

If you are looking for an honest reading, look no further, Judy is the person for you. She’s insightful, gifted and was able to pick up on things I never told her about. Judy sincerely cares and tries to help by offering guidance. I will be returning to her in the future! Ms. R.B. Los Angeles 4/19/2019

Judy is a powerful psychic! If I could giver her 6 stars I would! I’m an intuitive and I was guided to meet Judy as I felt she is accurate and is 100% white light. Thanks to her psychic abilities and her spot on accuracy, I was able to meet the right people in my work field in less than weeks. She’s very gentle and honest about the information she delivers, which is something I appreciate! Apart from her amazing energy, she’s very humble and attentive with her work. She’s an incredible psychic and coach! The beauty about it is that she knows exactly what you need and why you’re there! I always feel very positive and energized after seeing her. I highly recommend her! Thank you so much Judy for your light and guidance! Ms. SO, Los Angeles, California, 10/14/2018.

I have been having readings done by Judy for over a year now and I cannot say enough good things about her, as a psychic and a person! She genuinely cares about the people she does readings for. She is patient and kind. She has suggested that I read a number of books that will help me with what I am going through. Her readings are right on target as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Ms L.F, Reno Nevada 3/4/2018

Judy is ridiculously accurate!! I have been to others, all great and highly recommended, but for some reason it’s never really been so accurate or time is way off. Judy has given me names, dates, events — some of which didn’t even resonate at the time — and almost to the letter, it happens every time the way she says. It is so crazy. Last time I went to her, I thought, “Well that was nice, but I probably won’t do that.” Not only did I do what she said, but I signed a contract almost to the day she predicted. I cannot say enough about just how good this woman is at giving insight about any confusing predicaments or about people or future events – she has even helped with big decisions. She also really cares about her clients. RUN don’t walk. You will be so happy you did!! Ms. H. Lange, Atlanta Georgia 3/1/2018.

Met Judy a few years ago at a private party for a well known interior designer. She was so sweet and had such a peacefullness about her. When I sat down with her, I was open to receiving her message. She said I would meet a man, who was broken and would rise again, I’m like who is that? Though I did have my hand in online dating and I was exhausted from meeting men who were….living with their parents or coach surfing…hahahaha. She described him to the color of his hair and what he did for a living. Low and behold I meet him and it sureal because she was so accurate. She is worth meeting with, my whole experience was so enlightening. Advice, be present and open to receiving, do not enter with doubt in your heart and mind. Ms. Dulce, Los Angeles California 2/10/2018.

I had to chime in and post my own reviews about Judy Hevenly. I found Judy via the internet. She gave me predictions regarding my personal life, she always remains firm on what she sees. Accurate and kind, two great qualities in a psychic. Many thanks..Diane/Ohio,1/13/2018

I hadn’t been employed for two years when I called you. You predicted that I would interview for a new job, there would be three finalists and to keep the faith. After two weeks I called you back as I had heard nothing. You prayed with me and said to keep believing, to not give up. A week later I received a call and was given the position. You were right, thank
you, God bless you with your gift. Ms. DH, S. Carolina. 9/15/2017

You gave me insight on so many things that came true.   I met a wonderful man that you described. My health issues were resolved and my financial state has became stable and I have been able to live a better life.   I wanted to share that your insights and  presence  gave me so much peace within that I will never forget it. Thank you for  giving me hope when I felt so lost.   Ms. DD, Los Angles 3/15/2017

Three weeks and one day (just as you said) we found my son in Mexico, after been lost for 3 months without trace.  Thanks for your help. Mrs. C Woods, Antioch, Texas, January 10,2017.

Judy is the most gifted, compassionate and intelligent intuitive one could meet. Her warmhearted, compassionate personality renders both her intuitive counsel and healing guidance accessible and understandable to all! Blessed beyond words to have found her.
Mr. KP, Owner, LA Juice, Los Angeles, April 2, 2016.

Judy is a great psychic whom I have consulted with over the years for my real estate business, and my family. She is just amazing, and I have grown spiritually since I have known Judy because of her guidance and in every other area of my life. I highly recommend Judy as someone who really knows her business, and thank her.
Mr. JS, Westlake Village, January 25, 2016.

Good Psychics are Hard to find. When I was young my grandfather took me to a psychic, since I have searched for another Highly Gifted one!.Then I met Judy Hevenly. She gave me my first psychic reading, since then my whole life changed for the better! I never knew things could work out so well in my life by just knowing the truth. Her intuitive words came to pass when Judy told me that in the following year my luck would change, I would attract a loving soul-mate, who would also help me with my business. This happened just as she said. I recommend Judy Hevenly highly, she is a gift to the world!
Mr. DR, Orange County, January 22nd, 2016.

Judy is a wonderful teacher and mentor whom I have known for over twenty years. After experiencing a reading with her, I’ve become more fully aware each person can be filled with light, hope, and inspiration. Without hope, a client can become lost or confused. Everyone can be guided towards a clear pathway. With Judy’s reading, a client can begin to awaken towards changes that will bring forth a happier and healthier kind of life, a life lived to the fullest with a sense of promise and success. I’m a poet and I have to be inspired to write. Judy inspires me. I give her my highest recommendation.
Dr. Elizabeth Bishop Ph.D., Sedona, AZ, 24 January 2016.

I’ve been coming to Judy Hevenly for readings for 20 years for myself and my family. I’m always blown away by the accuracy of her predictions that always come true. Not only has Judy changed my life but that of my family and children. I highly recommend Judy as a psychic!
Mrs. AZ, Thousand Oaks, January 30, 2016.

I’ve been a believer since I first met Judy in 2006 and I’ve been amazed ever with her spot on intuitive powers. Re my recent court hearing, everything went exactly the way Judy said it would! My attorney got an extension for the court case, it was with a female judge. Just as she said! Thanks so much Judy, you’re truly gifted. I am a staunch believer!
Ms. JM, San Diego, Ca 15th September 2015.

Judy you are fabulous! You have picked up so many precise details about my life and relationship and you helped me tremendously. You were correct regarding my mother’s brain tumor. My mother is doing better now. In past readings, you have predicted specific events regarding my boyfriend. You have an uncanny ability to pick up on many things and small details. You were even accurate regarding your time frames and predictions regarding trip, disagreements, etc. You are truly gifted. I never expected that or thought it was possible. Thank you so much.
Ms KK, Florida, January 6, 2013

Judy Hevenly is a beautiful and gifted intuitive soul with a God-given ability to give insightful and accurate unfiltered information, in a loving and gentle intelligent format, which also inspiring spiritual development in the face of crisis. Whether personal or business issues, her psychic abilities, life experiences and worldly outreach have enabled her to bring people from all walks of life to a place where they can trust and be enlightened with her sincere and generous spirit. She has always been available thru the most extreme situations. There is no other psychic like her.
Ms. JH, Atlanta, Ga August 21,2012.

I have been comparing psychics all over the country since I was only 13 years old and I am now in my 50’s. All of that time I was searching for ones that truly had a gift and Ms. Judy Hevenly is the best, I highly recommend her to everyone in the world for her talent. The most important factor to me is accuracy in the reading, and Ms. Judy’s case everything she ever told me has come true whether I wanted to believe it or not she has made me a total believer! thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak highly of someone as gifted as Judy.
MR, Irvine, Ca June 15,2012.

Just wanted you to know that so many of your predictions have come true so far and I think you are amazing. Warm Regards,
Ms. E Denk, Australia, October 2, 2011.

Judy Hevenly is a divine gift from above . I was lost without the love of my life and she assured me she would return and gave me things to do to help me get her back (she returned in the time frame she predicted) She is a great psychic and some people can be unhappy when she tells them the truth, that’s what I want in a psychic .I have used her many times and she is right about many things always almost 100 percent accurate.
A great person also and a special reader.
brooklyn2bh@yahoo.com, 10/24/2010

Judy is always a pleasure to work with. She is always accurate, inspirational, and on time! She has truly found the balance between keeping her head in the stars and her feet on the ground. Thanks, Judy!
Mike Williams Publisher, Inside Look Magazine 4th April, 2009

Judy Hevenly is an amazing intuitive, as she extends herself far beyond what I could ever expect and has always been available to assist me. Judy has not only transformed my life, but is a master networker, a guardian angel, and I cannot say enough to sing her praises. She is also a person of high integrity.
Mr. TZ, Executive Film Producer,Los Angeles, CA. 25 March, 2009

In 1982 I had my first reading with Judy who told me I’d marry a man called Richard, I knew him already, that he was from New York, and I’d meet him in the month of October, in Los Angeles. I left the session with Judy a little annoyed because I didn’t want to get married and didn’t know a Richard. Later I found out I had met a Richard and lost touch. Ten years later in the month of October as Judy said, I was at a dinner party where I saw Richard again, the next day he asked me out and at the end of the evening he kissed me good night and that was it. We got married and have been together now for thirteen years and still madly in love. Yes, Richard is from New York and we met in Los Angeles. I didn’t realize until years later how tuned in Judy is, and I am deeply grateful to her for her incredible insight. I recently met with Judy again and shared with her this amazing story!
Mrs. Leigh HS, Los Angeles, Ca, 23 February, 2009.

Judy is one of the most amazing psychics. Her predictions are spot on and very helpful in business and personal issues. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs guidance or help with any matter.
Pros: Two Thumbs Way UP! Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Mr. Willi Vision, Las Vegas, Nevada, 8 January, 2008.

Judy told me precisely when to get out of one gold stock that had already tripled and to put my profits into another one. The original stock tanked after I sold it and the new one has already gone up five times! Her gift is genuine and amazing and I am blessed to be able to consult with her.
Ms. PS, Grand Rapids, MN

“Judy Hevenly’s vision and wisdom has been heaven’s gift to me. Her guidance will be a blessing in your life.”
Barbara De Angelis, PhD. Best-selling author and TV Personality.

“Judy Hevenly is true to her name. She’s a Divine Being with gifts of loving energy and insight.”
Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Author/TV Personality, New York.

“I never thought when I asked you to energize The Blue Dot that I would win the New York Lottery.”
Ms BW, New York City

“A year or so ago you said I would meet a musician. Well, he arrived and I am so happy!! You ARE psychic! Now I can tell people who call and ask for a good psychic that you’re for real………”
Ms. LN, Whole Life Times Magazine, Los Angeles, 2006