2023 Predictions

2023 psychic predictions from Judy Hevenly. December 10, 2022.

Judy Hevenly. Enquirer psychic gets all Oscar predictions right


As the number of deaths from Covid-19 goes down, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is in sight, but the world still must be vigilant.

New viruses will be discovered in health clinics and hospitals, and medicines to treat them won’t work, so new booster vaccines will be manufactured in the future that can fight these new variants.  We will see continued testing and sequencing of the

SARS-CoV-2 virus and bringing about effective treatment for Covid-19 into primary healthcare systems world-wide.  Countries will be better prepared to secure more supplies, equipment, and better trained Doctors and nurses to treat the virus.

There will be ongoing waves of infection throughout the globe caused by subvariants of Omicron or its different variants, but it will not be so severe because of vaccines and antivirals specifically to stop the spread of Covid-19

2023 is all about great moral strength for all people, to face a changing world, in a time of crisis and social unrest. It’s a year to be more optimistic, in a securer and better environment for some. For others, it will not be so, life will be a struggle, but they must keep the faith, and reach out and help those in need. In doing so, they will regain their self-confidence and courage, and make the world a better place.

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Judy Hevenly is a teacher, intuitive, astrologer, and writer, whose forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers worldwide. Her clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and heads of state. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial. She is is featured in the book, Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.

Past predictions from Judy

Judy correctly predicted 95th Academy Awards, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s retirement, Paris Hilton’s baby, Rep. Kevin McCarthy win for US House speaker, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron re-election in France, Rishi Sunak, P.M United Kingdom, Bongbong Marcos elected President of the Philippines, Yoon Seok-Youl, the new Leader of South Korea, 94th Academy Awards winners, the President’s infrastructural bill passing US Congress, and America rejoining Paris’s climate agreement.

Here are Judy Hevenly’s 2023 predictions.

USA 2023 Predictions

USA map

The economy of the US will slow down because of the Federal reserve raising higher interest rates to fight inflation. This in turn will bring down the housing market and raise unemployment. If there is a recession in the US, it will be mild and would happen mid -or late 2023. At year’s end, the American economy will slowly return to normal.

The Feds sharply higher interest rates will re-enforce the value of the dollar, which will hit a new high against major currencies. There will be an easing of the inflation pressure and improved global growth for the US dollar in the second half of 2023.

The US Congress may soon overhaul the law for counting presidential electoral votes.

The stock market may recover in late Spring but will go down again if the economy doesn’t pick up, but if inflation abates, due to the actions by the Fed to lower interest rates, there will be reasonable returns as the stock market bounces back.

President Joe Biden will continue to be President of the United States but will suffer health problems, and Vice President Harris will step in as needed to fulfill his duties.

President Biden will work with the Republican Party, and it will be two more years of the steady progress. Biden possibly find a way around a solution for student loans, and echo the Republican’s cry to put America first, and that the country has come out stronger from the Covid pandemic. The House of Representatives will curb the Democrats spending.

The Biden administration wants to increase the supply of affordable housing with a mix of state and local incentives, encouraging local Governments to change zoning laws and expanding and improving federal financing for family developments.

The Democrats will try to repair their standing with Latino voters by opening a pathway to citizenship for the illegals who have been in US for years.  However, if the Democrats offer blanket citizenship/voting privileges to the masses of newcomers crossing the border from Central America and Venezuela there would be a backlash from all border states.

There will be more border and security agents and cameras on the Mexico Border and the possibility that the Government would bring back Franklin Roosevelt’s 1950 ‘Bracero program,’ to help on the border, not allowing everyone to enter United States, but bringing people legally into the country on a program that would allow them to work, immigrants would be monitored and paid money that they could send back to help their families in other countries.

The US electric grid could face greater reliability issues in 2023.

Further gun safety legislation passed in US Congress to prevent gun violence after further mass shootings in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, California.

In the race for White House President Donald Trump will be challenged by Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, Glenn Younkin, Gov. of Virginia or Nikki Haley, who will project a better version of what the Republican party stands for in America today.

It will be a difficult year for former President Trump despite his lawsuits, but he will retain favor with his Republican base as their top candidate to win back the Oval Office in 2024.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida in his Republican presidential race to the White House will have the support of billionaire Elon Musk.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. entry into politics, to win the Democratic Presidential ticket, will see him propose a lot of new ideas that will weaken the Biden’s team for re-election. He will gain the admiration and approval of the general public and the Democratic party.

Governor Ron De Santis may be in the running for the Republican party for the US Presidency in 2024. Elon Musk will support Ron DeSantis, positioning himself to enter politics in the future.

President Joe Biden will be under pressure to concede towards the end of 2023 but could prevail to run for the presidency. Vice President Kamala Harris will fill in, with the support of the Democratic party,

Gov. Gavin Newson or Pete Buttigieg, Michelle Obama will be considered Presidential candidates in the race to the White House in 2024, but the US government may seek a new Vice President with a military background such as General Petraeus, in the event President Biden steps down.

The Biden administration will want to fund more overseas mining projects to fund, for minerals such as Uranium which are hard to find in USA.

Car free cities will spring up in USA with roads that have less cars, and more space for bicycles and pedestrians. New cities will be designed for people without cars, this makes for more foot traffic which is better for shops and businesses.  The city of Houston will create bike parks in the future.

Many well-known brand stores will close in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago because of high crime.

More States will ban gun assault weapons, after the string of US mass shootings and talk of a new law enacted by Congress to not sell guns to those young people between the ages of 18 to 25 years.

The Post Office gives its workers raise in 2023.

Cryptocurrency will have new rules as regulators in US and other countries seek to bring order to this new sector. The United Kingdom will implement this in 2023.

Food shortages because of the high price of food felt around the world not only because of the Ukraine war but drought is playing a major part on crops and lack of water.

There will be more demand for military aircraft bolstering the aerospace industry.

A bill that would make daylight saving time year-round will be passed.

A digital dollar in US on the way with a pilot program and private researchers working on this giving the public a digital alternative to coins and banknotes.

Ronald Reagan, Judy Hevenly

Artificial intelligence technology will be used for more and more businesses to hike employee productivity and enhance efficiency. It will enhance rather than displace human workers, and a slew of new jobs will be created.

IRS looking into digital currencies asking customers information from coin platforms and focusing audits on big firms.

Nasa lands a rover on the Moon to find water and later will mine this water to make rocket fuel during future trips to the Moon.

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World 2023 Predictions

World map

New Prime Minister of England will enjoy a high approval rate, as the money markets have confidence in him in his role, he will reach out to other countries. Rishi Sunak the new leader will focus on unity amid a sharply slowing economy. He will fix the public finances, present a plan for the construction of a new energy infrastructure, and choose a location for a new nuclear power station. Re. Brexit, he will take a more conciliatory approach to the European Union and try to approve relations.

Much of the world will be in a recession due to war in Ukraine and Putin’s hold on the oil. It will be a hard winter for those in Europe and gas price will soar, as it suffers a recession as well. Britain will undertake fiscal tightening to help the economy.

There will be food shortages because of the high price of food felt around the world not only because of the Ukraine war but drought is playing a major part on crops and lack of water.

China government will make more sweeping changes to its pandemic policy allowing citizens to move around more freely, allowing home quarantine for some Covid patients, and travel restrictions will be lifted to make it easier for its citizens in that country. China’s economy will still struggle including the property sector and Covid lockdowns in rural areas, even as numbers fall from the peak. China’s central bank will ease monetary policy to support the economy be lowering interest rates on existing loans to help some indebted firms. Ordinary citizens in China will continue to stand up for their people’s rights.

China will make a major comeback in the world economy and will expand its middle class by tackling inequalities, reducing the cost of living, and getting its citizens to spend more. Domestic travel to recover 85%, as the country becomes more self-reliant in energy and technology. China will also make a major come back in stocks that will increase in price in the next three months including Alibaba group stocks that could jump 25%.

China will reverse its one child policy and offer incentives for couples to have another child by offering cash payout or even making workplace promotions conditional on having a child as fewer people marrying and having children, would limit China’s recovery in the long-term growth outlook and property market.

As cross-border travel increases the Japan’s Central Japan Railway and Korea’s cosmetics, beverage and household companies will benefit from China’s economic revival that will extend to global companies and emerging markets that will draw investors.

Russia’s oil ban is a big advantage for India whose oil product exporter Reliance Industries, could help Europe with its oil supply.

War in Ukraine has brought global worries about China’s dispute with Taiwan over the island’s status. Taiwan’s position and its alliance with foreign countries will come up again when William Lai Ching-te, the Vice President, wins the Democratic Progressive party’s nomination for President. His message will be more pro-independent than that of the former leader. He will return to reforms aimed at reducing inequality between generations.

Poland will build its first nuclear power plant.

A monetary fiscal conflict hits Japan because of rising inflation and Fed tightening that would cause much pressure on the Japanese yen.

Japan Aerospace Agency launches its first wooden satellite. The development team will harness the low cost of the wood and the environmental friendliness in space development.

Croatia adopts the Euro as its new currency.

Mexico completes its Maya Train at the end of 2023.

Alberto Numez Feijoo of Spain to win the Presidential election in his country.

The economies of both the Gulf and Saudi Arabia countries remains strong with Saudia Arabia modernizing its country.

India reaches the highest population in the world in 2023.

Russia will launch a new offensive against Ukraine. This will lead to further talks between the two countries. President Zelensky would only consider a peace settlement if Ukraine does not have to give up its territory, and all Russian troops are removed from Ukraine. Zelensky would insist that Russia respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and uphold the UN Charter. If an agreement is not reached, the USA and its allies will keep arming Ukraine. The ongoing war could result in a stalemate, neither country winning the war, or if Ukraine doesn’t win and Russia prevails, then NATO would step in to save Ukraine. This would bring about the meddling of Russia in European states, the collapse of arms control, and breakdown of global efforts to contain the escalation of weapons of mass destruction, and their delivery.

The war could continue another 2 years or alternatively Ukraine will have to decide if there is another way out, they could decide on a temporary cease fire of military operations but one that does not conclude the war.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia may cut his losses in the Ukraine war as he could be persuaded by world nations to negotiate an end to the Russia/Ukraine war, alternatively illness, or retirement could see Putin step down before or after Russia re-elects him President in 2024, and within 3 years.

Israeli-Palestine relations will continue to be more violent, and a one state non-solution may become a reality in the future.

USA government will encourage the Mexican government to shore up their Mexican border on their Mexico/Guatemala side to stop the immigration flow by enforcing their borders it will send a message to immigrants in other countries in South America not to come.

Kim Jung UN of North Korea will rattle the US with his military moves and exploding a nuclear device that will endanger the world.

Emmanuel Macron will see growing levels of civil unrest in France due to the high current cost of living and global warning. There will be a revolt against the well to do in that country.

Scotland will gain its impendence from the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland to join the European Union.

Jamaica to break away from British Rule and become a Republic.

Civil war in Haiti.

An assassination of a world leader.

A fire on Cruise ship in Europe.

Pope Francis to resign in Italy, because of old age, and health problems, and a new Pope will be elected, in the running, the first black Pope to be considered in the Vatican history.

Revolution in Iran because of the young population who don’t want to be told what to do and how to dress, cracks in the Iran regime as its people continue to revolt, and the regime is forced to change, possible another Arab Spring. The world will continue to give support to the women of Iran by keeping the focus on them with world-wide protests to support their cause.

Israel may go to war in attacking one of Iran’s powerful nuclear plants. 

India’s economy will do well as its economy is relatively insulated from the trouble of advanced economies and domestic capital spending is strong.

United Nations announces a climate plan to reduce global shipping industry effects.

Canada’s Royal Navy delivers its new supply ship.

The Royal Australian Airforce receives its first maritime drone.

Germany shuts down its last nuclear reactor.

Indonesia no longer exports gas to Singapore.

Kiwi Rail in New Zealand replaces its old and outdated transport system with a new locomotives and carriages.

US and Philippines build a rocket for the South China Seas.

Singapore manufactures its own sports car and re-opens the Art Museum.

Construction on South Africa’s Clanville dam to be completed

New President elected in South Africa in 2024.

The AKP candidate will win the Turkish Presidential elections in 2023.

Vietnam’s construction on the Tan Son That airport’s third terminal to be finished.

Malaysia adopts the advanced passenger screening system of screening foreign visitors before they land in their country.

New Zealand election is possibly won by the national coalition party.

Japan will dodge recession thru inflation but weakening exports will hurt.

President Zelensky and the Ukraine people re-nominated for the Nobel prize in 2023 or Time magazine person of the year.

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of space technology from global broadband service to real time satellite imagery.

South Korea will play an important part together with President Biden to encourage North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to continue disarmament talks and dismantling its war weapons.

Terrorist attacks around the world in Europe, targeting London, Egypt, France, New York, Germany – places of worship both in US and UK with US malls, theme parks, and an airline may be hijacked.

California Politics 2023 Predictions

State of Emergency in Los Angeles for homeless, housing.  Recruiting more police in particular neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The State of California becomes the fourth richest economy overtaking Germany because of its technology hardware, media and software

Tourism, low unemployment, and agriculture by the end of 2023.

California will tax the rich to pay more taxes to offset the cost of manufacturing electric cars in the State.

California will suffer more drought, fires due to dry weather and water shortages.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California could retire or decide not seek re-election and Gov. Gavin Newson of California would appoint her replacement, those in the running are, Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, Eric Garcetti, Barbara Lee, or the Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass.

If Senator Feinstein decides to wait until the end of her term, then Gov. Gavin Newson after his tenure as governor, would get a head start and run for President but could decide to declare his candidacy sooner than later.

Earthquakes of 5.8 to 6.4 + or above, to hit Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and San Francisco.

95th Academy Awards, March 12, 2023

Academy Award

Picture: Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Director: Daniel Kwan/David Scheinert.

Actor: Austin Butler upset Brandon Frasier.

Actress: Michelle Yeoh.

Supporting Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis, upset Kerry Condon.

Supporting Actor: Key Huy Quan

Adapted Screenplay: Women Talking or All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

Original Screenplay: Everything Everywhere All at Once or The Banshees of Inisherin.

Animation: Pinocchio. Editing: Top Gun.

Costume: Black Panther, upset Elvis.

Make Up: The Whale or Elvis.

Documentary. Navalny.

Cinematography: All’s Quiet on the Western Front, or Elvis.

Score: All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

Top Song: Naatu Naatu, upset Hold My Hand

Visual Effects: Avatar. Live Action Short: An Irish Goodbye.

International Film: All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

Everything All at Once set to win Best Picture/Director at Spirit/Indie Awards.

Economy / Business 2023

Chart going up

Cryptocurrency will have new rules as regulators in US and other countries seek to bring order to this new sector.

The United Kingdom will implement this in 2023.

The Federal Reserve to issue a digital dollar, an alternative to coins and banknotes.

The Biden administration will make it easier to own ESG funds via 401 (k)s for retirement plans in 2022.

Amazon stock is poised for a 50% come back in 2023.

The market for artificial intelligence chips will become more popular including designs by start-ups backed by funders.

Technology 2023 Predictions

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of space technology from global broadband service to real time satellite imagery.

Getting a taxi to the airport could be replaced by an electric air taxi with wings like airplanes, with airlines using this as a method to Transport passengers to and from airports in packed urban areas.

Holographic phones on the market. Apple launches its first headset.

Netflix merges with another corporation.

Jeff Bezos sells the Washington Post.

Artificial intelligence taking over many jobs, impacting society, with robots replacing those working in factories.

A new plan to spread high speed internet to Alaska with its own internet satellite.

The Biden government will stop companies such as Tik Tok from collecting personal information on American users. Replica, an artificial intelligence chat bot will become as popular as Tik Tok for lonely young people seeking friendships.

Virtual Reality will become a $21 Billion dollar business in years to come.

The European Space Agency launches an asteroid system to detect threatening asteroids before they land on earth.

Virtual and augmented-reality headsets been brought out by the technical firms.

Tik Top will become more like a search engine in the future competing with Google as more people visit their platform, and Tik Top may add “a near you,” button.

British Royalty 2023

British crown

The future British Monarchy will be in trouble if King Charles and Queen Camilla reign alone and the British public loose interest in them, so I see a joint reign with Prince William and his wife Catherine, so they support each other. A joint reign allows King Charles to enjoy an early retirement and William to spend time with his family.

King Charles to Reach out to Prince Harry and his wife to undertake more of the commonwealth tours on behalf of the crown, and both brothers will find more common ground, with Catherine and Meghan. They all will try to build more modern-day Monarchy. The King’s reign could be interrupted by health problems for King Charles that would allow him to abdicate in favor of Prince William, sooner than later, in the coming years.

Princess Anne because of her steadfast devotion to the late Queen and hard work will be given the title of her late father the Duke of Edinburgh and be known as Duchess of Edinburgh.

The Sussexes Netflix series and Prince Harry’s book will dispel some of the royal secrets and show Meghan Merkle and Prince Harry in a new light in their fight to abolish racism.

Sports 2023 Predictions

Wealthy Americans will invest in overseas soccer teams as lucrative TV and sponsorships deals bring more US Dollars to the Premier League and other leagues in Europe.

Legal sports betting will go mainstream opening with in-arena sportsbook in Chicago at Wrigley Field, and State Farm Stadium, in Glendale, Ariz.

Legislation passed in Congress to access unspent funds from Covid-9 to certain minor-league baseball clubs. Eligible teams could receive grants up to $10 Million to cover business expenses.

India is the favorite to win the 2023 World Cup in India or the English team.

Google’s You Tube, purchases the NFL’s Sunday ticket rights.

Hollywood, Celebrities, Famous People 2023

Amazon to come out with their own chain of movie theatre studios in the US.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, the Singer get engaged.

Paris Hilton and her new husband could expect a baby in 2023

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, Apple, and other entertainment streaming platforms will see their profits soar in 2023 Disney plans to launch a streaming platform in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle Sports area.

Taylor Swift the Singer, Songwriter, gets engaged.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman marry.

Taylor Swift the Singer, Songwriter, gets engaged.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky to announce their plans to marry.

Sad Goodbyes to Actress Jane Fonda, Barbara Walters, Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XV1, Tony Bennett, Rupert Murdock, and a foreign leader.

Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Page get engaged, also Cher and boyfriend Alexander Edwards.

Natural disasters 2023 Predictions

Direct impact of COVID-19 and variants will last well into 2023.

Europe will suffer from a fresh food shortage.

New strange weather patterns and earth alignments take place.

Quakes in New Zealand, Philippines, Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, of heavy magnitudes up to 6.5 and above.

More states in USA taking steps to protect flooding, and raising monies for storm victims, flood bumps, sea walls and fires.

Some cities world-wide experience rains and high winds and tides including California, Florida, Indonesia, India.

Earthquakes up to 5.5. and above or just below for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Alaska, New Zealand. Power outages in New York and Chicago.

Hurricane season reaps havoc for parts of New Orleans, Florida, and storms for Philippines, with wildfires in California, Canada, and Australia. Flooding in Japan, and Caribbean in Winter of 2023.

Health 2023 Predictions

New Covid-19 virus in hospitals, medicines don’t work, another booster vaccine that fights these new variations, then a new vaccination to combat nuclear war radiation in the works.

New clinical trials to combat Covid will be nasal vaccines and variant-proof vaccines to create immunity in the cells that first come into touch with the virus, also an app that analyses a person’s voice and breathing, to identify covid infections.

A Nuclear Vaccine coming out on the market will combat the danger of a nuclear attack from North Korea, Iran, or Russia.

A Fentanyl vaccine manufactured and becoming available on the US market for those that need it.

Amazon to come out with their expanded health care in person, to 20 or more citizens in USA starting in the States of San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York City.

Customers can access care where and when they need it most.

Israel will develop an implant which will be the first 3D human spinal cord tissue to help paralyzed people to walk again.

A Lyme Disease vaccine in its infancy will be worked on to protect against the widespread tick-borne illness.

New treatments for multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis, and a Cannabis based treatment for epilepsy.

Robot deliver will take off big time, and more drones will be used in cities by hospitals delivering medical samples to laboratories quicker.