TV appearances and shows

A few of the many TV shows Judy Hevenly has appeared on or hosted.

Judy Hevenly. Eye on LA –( ABC7) – KDOC TV 2/15/83.

Hevenly World TV Show: Guest Damien Simpson, Host Judy Hevenly, New Age Philosphy, May 1989.

Five Shows
Geraldo TV Show, New York, 1998.
CBS TV Entertainment Tonight, 2000.
Olivia Hussey/Judy Hevenly, Joan Rivers TV Talk Show, New York, 1998.
“Blue Dot,” MGM/Disney Studios, Florida, 2000.
Hevenly World TV, Host Judy Hevenly, Guest, Kenny Kingston, 1995-2000

CBS Entertainment Tonight, December 27, 1990 Judy Hevenly.

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