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Judy Hevenly. Enquirer psychic gets all Oscar predictions right


With US emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic, cases and deaths will drop to their lowest as over 133 million people in the US will be fully vaccinated. These encouraging trends arrive as people travel in the US more for pleasure and business, and gather with family and friends and resume other activities. It’s a time when the American people will resume their receive regular medical care and routine screenings that will lead to better health for all in the future. US and the global population needs to still be on guard with multiple variants of the virus caused by Covid-19.

Living in the post-pandemic era is a time when whatever changes you encounter in your life, to be strong, courageous, flexible and adapt to circumstances. Slow down, lead with your heart not your head and all will be well. A paradigm shift has taken place. Use your intuition to guide you. Go after what you truly want in life. Seize new opportunities, and know the Universe is for you. The golden age of Aquarius is upon us and nothing is impossible.

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Judy Hevenly is a teacher, intuitive, astrologer, and writer, whose forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers worldwide. Her clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and heads of state. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial. She is is featured in the book, Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.

Past predictions from Judy

Judy correctly predicted Governor Gavin Newsom re-elected governor of California, the Oscar winners of the 93rd Academy Awards, Meghan Markle’s pregnancy, Biden’s new Covid-19 relief bill and health plan passes, US rejoining Paris’s Climate agreement, Pal Pal’s Crypto-currency, Sen. Kamala Harris, US Vice President, Judge Amy Comey Barrett to the Supreme Court, Trumps lower drug costs, Wildfires in California.

Here are Judy Hevenly’s predictions for 2021.

USA Predictions 2021

USA map

The problem of US-Mexico border surge of migrants will not go away soon, and President Trump’s influences goes beyond his presidency as those judges he appointed over the immigration courts will rule in favor of deportation. Biden’s plan to give illegal immigrants citizenship will be hampered.

The Covid-19 pandemic will be under control by September 2021 when normal life and the economy will start to function again. Most Americans will be vaccinated; however the pandemic may not get completely contained until year’s end. Expect recovery in the manufacturing sector to continue and also retail sales go up 10%.

Low interest rates will take away US bank profits in 2021, and it will be a bull market for commodities. As more people seek the job market, having a great place to work will entice investors to seek out those companies that treat their workers well as good investments.

President Joseph Biden’s presidency marks the real return to American democracy.  He is the right President at the right time for the United States in 2021. 

Biden knows how the system works including the Constitution and will have a good sense of how best to govern. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will offer restoration and renewal for the nation.  Biden and Harris both share a faith that a future exists for all of Americans together. 

The Biden White House will carry America forward to a better future.  Biden’s Scorpio Sun which loves secrecy and Aquarius Moon will innovate and restructure the American Society down to its deepest roots. There will also be a greater return to faith for all American people.  

The White House backing two major health policies one lowering eligibility age of Medicare from 65 to 60 and the other letting the government negotiate prescription drugs prices for Medicare.

Congress considering a 12 week federally run paid leave program for parents.

A digital dollar in US on the way with a pilot program and private researchers working on this giving the public a digital alternative to coins and banknotes.

President Biden is stronger than he looks but he should watch his health in late October as he could have a temporary health set back but will overcome this by Summer 2021. 

Democrats push key priorities after the Georgia Senate elections and are successful in Congress with another pandemic relief bill passed with stimulus checks, and more drug approvals from the FDA.

Nina Turner former Ohio State Senator to win the 11th Congressional district in Ohio this Spring, and expect a strong effect nationally showing much progress to launch candidates in out of reach areas.

President Biden will spend his first term in getting America onto a more stable foundation.    He will work to correct the US course to establish a platform for future presidents. This will bring about progressive legislation. The new President will make the changes that America really needs. Biden will ascertain how his first term goes then decide whether to stay on or resign, if he does, Biden will be satisfied to have achieved his goals.  

Biden will find common cause with Republicans on Coronavirus aid, Infrastructure, rural broadband.  He will try to work together with McConnell and if he cannot, there is a possibility of gridlock.

The President will win GOP support for a series of small economic relief bills for the American people. Congress will secure more money for COVID-19 testing by ramping up production of personal protective equipment and invoking the Defense Production Act.A

Covid-19 test sold over the counter in US pharmacies will give results in 15 minutes. US Stocks will return to an all-time high in the next twelve months. 

This will happen when Airlines make a come back and other businesses. The Biden administration will consider joining the Great Reset, the world-wide effort to change world economies with greater regulation and bigger governments. 

A fifth of businesses across the globe will use commercial drones to automate business operations in 2021 as the globe adapts to new way of living during the coronavirus pandemic. 

President Biden will also introduce a public option health insurance plan run by the federal government. He will double the health care companies for antitrust violations.  Expand national and global vaccine programs.  Also on the President’s new agenda: President Biden will host a climate world summit.

Biden will agree to  global legislation that will reduce emissions in global shipping and aviation.

Biden will re-join the Paris Agreement, and the World Health Organization.

Biden’s Congress will bring about new climate strategies to improve air and water quality in poor states.

The President will encourage world-wide laws to decrease greenhouse gas, which causes global warming.

Biden will encourage more immigration to help the US economy rebound by hiring skilled workers for firms to fill top positions. 

The President will end restrictions on work visa such as  the H-1B for high skilled immigrants including scientists and doctors. 

Jill Biden, will be an excellent First Lady, and will focus on repairing the US Educational System from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Together with the President she will encouragehim to double the number of psychologists, guidance counselors, nurses and social workers in schools. Also to provide universal Pre-K for all 3 and 4 year olds.

Donald Trump will remain a political force to be reckoned with and the GOP will follow in Trump’s footsteps touting economic populism and social conservatism.  Because of his leadership the future of the Republican party will be more diverse with Hispanic and non white voters. President Trump will write a best seller memoir as he fights ongoing legal battles, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner start a foundation to help those in need, Melania Trump pens a book about her role as First lady, takes c/o of her son Baron, and becomes a source of good in the world. 

All vaccines for COVID-19 will be given to every state in America with enough doses to vaccinate everyone in US by end of 2021.

Paypal will let users use crypto currency for payments to merchants accounts

Technology stocks will do well in 2021 and the S and P will go up by 15% at end of 2021.

Biden will create a new homeowner and renter bill of rights. He will provide Section 8 vouchers to all eligible families paying more than 30% of their income in rent to all eligible families paying more than 30% of their income on rent.

President Biden will make the District of Columbia the 51st state.Despite a surging stock market the labor market will take time to turn around with the middle of Summer of 2021 seeing an upswing.

The Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates until end of 2021.

Facial recognition identification will come into effect for all international passengers, including American citizens, and will become operational inside the top 20 US Airports. 

The Attorney General  will keep an eye out on all college campuses for unsuspecting Chinese students who could be trying to steal US technology for the Chinese government while President Joe Biden will demand concessions on Chinese state subsidies and forced technology transfer.  

Mitch McConnell to step down by end of 2021, as Sen. Republican leader and be replaced either by state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Kelly Craft or Michael Adams.

New VR program  instituted to help with new socialization and mental health care for for those who have to self isolate. 

Telemedicine will sky rocket with remote office visits. 

New York to be allowed to sell recreational weed.  

Americans will arm themselves even more with weapons, and there will be many more firearm purchases.  

The GM electric vehicle plant in Detroit will start work on an all electric truck in 2021.  

Those Americans tired of teleworking from home, will think of participating in the Digital Normad Visa program for foreign workers once the EU lifts its current ban on US travellers with Barbados Estonia, and Bermuda offering visas for long term visitors.  

US businesses will continue to go digital and retail stores will continue to change or shut for good.  Stores  will become “way stations” for exchanges and appointment shopping. More window shopping and browsing will shift online, and malls will have to cut individual stores to just a few. 

President Joe Biden will finance the under-supported transportation network, as he repairs New York’s Amtrak and in doing so he would create new jobs, cut carbon emissions and make life better for all New York citizens. 

CNN to change hands ATT or Jeff Besos in the running to purchase, and a major change in Anchors at that TV Station, and bringing in a more diversified news team to fit the modern era. 

By Fall the coronavirus vaccine will have been given to all US citizens, and the American people will feel more confident about their government, the housing market will boom, there will be a rebound in manufacturing, strong consumer spending on goods which will be a major factor in the economy, together with rock-bottom interest rates from the Federal Reserve.

Despite millions of Americans out of work, the job market will improve making more jobs for those who apply for them. As the epidemic is contained in the third quarter of 2021, and the quarantines are relaxed, some parts of the economy could enjoy a strong recovery. Unemployment would come down faster than it did after the last recession as businesses re-open.Telemedicine will skyrocket and a Universal health care put in place by a public federal fund that everyone can contribute to, that will take care of all American people within 2 years.

A new economic growth jobs and prosperity act will pass the US Congress in 2021. I see the US government reducing the capital tax to incentivize investment and issuing some of the old historical bonds to keep the current low interest rate on the debt. This will not cost the tax payer anything.

Expect Biden to reverse Trump’s push to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and US to replace cash with Fedcoin.

The Pentagon will keep up with artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies and weapons of war needed to main US military superiority in the world.

Nancy Pelosi will retire at the end of 2021,  and it could be California Rep. Linda Sanchez, Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y), or Tim Ryan (Ohio) who replaces the House Speaker.

Ronald Reagan, Judy Hevenly

A silver lining to Coronavirus will be a surge of applicants to medical schools because of colleges holding classes online which gives students more time to prepare for exams.

Digital passports showing inoculation status help noninfectious passengers fly more easily.

Andre Yang will become the new Mayor of New York in 2021.

The Dollars will decline 5% in 2021 against major currencies i.e. Mexico, Russia and India will cut their interest rates as well.

Gig workers in US could be paid in stock up to 15% of a gig workers yearly compensation in the form of equity.

The US will build its first two reactors in the Persian Gulf Kingdom.

Artificial intelligence tech will be used for more and more businesses to hike employee productivity and enhance efficiency. It will enhance rather than displace human workers, and a slew of new jobs will be created.

IRS looking into digital currencies asking customers info from coin platforms, and focusing audits on big firms.

Global elite from United States and other countries in the world will buy up property in New Zealand, Costa Rica,Vietnam  in the hopes of escape World War 3 in the future.The eradication of the coronavirus world-wide may lead to a digital cashless society where money is no longer used because it is the carrier of the coronavirus

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World Predictions 2021

World map

The United Kingdom economy will rebound sharply in the Summer if vaccinations proceed quick enough and the virus is contained.

President Joe Biden makes America regain its place in the world that of the first global power that chooses cooperation rather than aggression with heads of countries. 

President Biden will negotiate successfully with the Russian Kremlin to bring back the detained Americans held in Russia. 

Incoming PM Naftali Bennett won’t change Israel’s direction re the Palestine state. The Palestinians instead will focus on equal rights for its people.

US doesn’t want war with China but taking the precaution of preparing for one just in case, there could possible be an invasion of Taiwan by China.

Iran may be open to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal should the US agree to remove crippling economic sanctions. Iranian Presidential winner Ebrahim Raisa.

The USA government strengthens ties with Britain and other European allies and also NATO which will undermine China’s emergence on the world stage.

Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson, will find more common ground with President Biden who intends to strengthen the relationship again.

President Biden and Prime Minister Johnson set up a comprehensive and progressive agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership which America joins,

they will also strike a new climate agreement in 2021.

A trade deal will happen between UK and USA only when peace is guaranteed in Northern Ireland. New skills-based visa and immigration legislation will encourage UK migration of highly-skilled workers from across the world

Political representatives from Scotland push for a new vote to decide on Scottish separation from the UK.

Intel will likely decide to outsource some of its chip making and Taiwan stands to gain orders. 

President Joe Biden will undermine China’s emergence by cooperating with the historic allies of the United States and world organizations 

China will establish a foothold on Greenland where they can spy on USA’s northeast and Europe, and the new Biden Presidency will secure Greenland to prevent this from happening. 

China will be a cashless society by end of 2021. Biden will demand concessions on Chinese state subsidies and forced technology transfer.  

Japan’s economy will slow down because of the increase in Japan’s sales tax which will damper consumer spending. Tokyo and Washington will return to the bargaining table for further talks on lowering or eliminating tariffs on US agricultural and digital goods..

Emmanuel Macron of France will push a stronger European defense co-operation, i.e. space and artificial intelligence, climate change, firmer stance on immigration, and if successful could emerge as the Europe’s new spokesman in place of the departing Angela Merkel’s departure as German chancellor in Autumn  2021.

Armin Laschet could become new German Chancellor at end of 2021.

Peace treaty signed by the end of 2022 in Middle East with Israel and Palestine working out an agreement for both sides to recognize the sovereignty of each nation as a separate state.

More co-operation between Saudis and Israel re cyber security which Saudis need for their country.

South Korea will play an important part together with President Biden to encourage North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to continue disarmament talks, and dismantling its war weapons by end of 2021. 

The US will pursue an extension of the NEW START treaty with Russia which imposes limits on both countries’ nuclear arsenals. 

The Electoral Commission of South Africa will introduce laws so that all South Africans know who funds their political parties. 

Australia’s economy will bounce back in 2021 and will have the second-brightest outlook amongst advanced countries.

The United States will no longer let China appear as a champion of multilateralism.

The confrontation between the United States and China will continue in 2021, but handled with a more strategically intelligent approach.

Joe Biden will rely on his historical allies to back him up but will still agree on some matters in the technological field in particular.

Biden will try to rejoin the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran.

Asia Pacific will lead the world out of COVID-19 before Europe and US.A strong pact will be formed between USA and India and this agreement will help both countries counter China. 

Luxemburg will be the beneficiary of creating many new jobs in the work force because of the Brexit ruling and more banks and companies will relocate part of their companies to this city. 

Erin O’Toole of the Conservative party of Canada may become the new Prime Minister in Canada in next election. 

Vladimir Putin of Russia  may leave the political scene in about a year because of illness. 

The US and Russia agree to extend START arms control treaty by two to five years, limiting the number of strategic nuclear warheads both nations can deploy to 1,550 each. 

Google builds a powerful new internet cable from Europe to South Africa, which significantly simplifies the allocation of cable capacity 

Canada to contribute AI and robotics technology (and possibly astronauts) to the US moon mission starting this year. India’s Railways, the nation’s highest energy consumer, builds a 500 solar megawatt rooftop solar plants.
Australian Securities Exchange will replace  its registry, settlement, and clearing systems with block chain technology to allow for faster transactions, improved security, and reduced costs

.China becomes first country to issue digital currency offered to public by banks and other institutions.

China’s economy will rebound but it will be modest, and the weak growth will prompt China’s central bank to stimulate the economy and the People’s bank will continue cutting rates to historically low levels in 2021

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) places legislation so that South Africans know who funds political parties

Germany stops changing daylight savings time and establishes its clock in the summertime permanently

British and USA government lifting some of the sanctions on Iran to provide humanitarian aid to that country suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

British and US government lifting some of the sanctions on Iran to provide humanitarian aid to that country suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Scotland breaks away from th United Kingdom to become an independent state.

Prime Minister Carrie Lan of Hong Kong resigns in 2022.

Japan’s economy will slow down because of the increase in Japan’s sales tax which will damper consumer spending. Tokyo and Washington will return to the bargaining table for further talks on lowering or eliminating tariffs on US agricultural and digital goods..

Emmanuel Macron of France will push a stronger European defense co-operation, i.e.space and artificial intelligence, climate change,firmer stance on immigration, and if successful could emerge as the Europe’s new spokesman.

Peace treaty signed by the end of 2021 in Middle East with Israel and Palestine working out an agreement for both sides to recognize the sovereignty of each nation as separate stateMore co-operation between Saudis and Israel re cyber security which Saudis need for their country.

South Korea will play an important part together with President Biden to encourage North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to continue disarmament talks, and dismantling its war weapons.

Terrorist attacks around the world in Europe, targeting London, Egypt, France, New York, Germany – places of worship both in US and UK with US malls, theme parks, and an Airline may be hijacked. 

California Politics 2021

California headed to make a quick recovery than US as a whole even though its unemployment remains high but the state will add jobs faster.

Governor Newson will not removed from office, and continues on as Governor of California. The state will create its own generic drug label, to contract with manufacturers to make them more affordable and accessible to patients.

Governor Newson extends eviction notices in California and funding for the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines,unemployment benefits and cash payments to lowest paying workers.

Possibility of Senator Diane Feinstein stepping down before the end of 2021. Eric Garcetti, of Los Angeles may join Biden administration when his term as Los Angeles Mayor ends. 

President Joe Biden may come on board to bail out California’s troubled bullet train between Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

San Francisco and San Jose will pass legislation for those renters living on the brink because of the coronavirus grinding commerce to a halt, that would temporarily halt evictions again in 2021.

Earthquakes of 5.8 to 6.4 +or above, to hit Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Sales of homes in California up in 2021.

A state take over of the electric utility PG&E.

77th Golden Globe Awards, Feb 28, 2021

Golden Globe award

Best Drama Actor: Chadwick Boseman
Best Drama Actress: Carey Mulligan
Best Comedy Actor: Sacha Baron Cohen.
Best Picture Drama: The Trial of the Chicago 7
Best Film/Comedy/Musical: Hamilton
Best Comedy Actor: Sacha Baron Cohen
Best Comedy Actress: Marie Bakalova.
Supporting Actress: Olivia Coleman or Amanda Seyfried
Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya
Best Screenplay: The Trial of the Chicago 7
Best Director: Chloe Zhao.
Bst Musical: Just Borat Subsequent
Best Animated feature: Soul.
Drama Series: The Crown
Best Foreign Film: Minari
Best Score: Soul or Mank
Best Song: Speak Now.

93th Academy Awards, April 25, 2021

Academy Award

Director: Chloe Zhao.
Actress: Viola Davis or upset Carey Mulligan.
Actor: Anthony Hopkins.
Supporting Actress: Yuh-Jung Youn.
Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya,
Adapted Screenplay The Father.
Original Screenplay: Promising Young Women.
Best Song/Sound: Speak Now, Lo Si (Seen)
Best Score: Soul.
Visual effects: Tenet.
Cinematography: Nomadland or Mank.
Editing: The Trial of Chicago 7.
Best Picture:  Nomanland or upset The Trial of the Chicago 7.
Animated Feature: Soul.
International Film: Another Round, Quo Vadis.
Visual effects: Tenet.
Documentary: My Octopus Teacher.

Economy / Business 2021

Chart going up

President Biden to spend $1.3 Billion over 10 years for infrastructure and Green New Deal plans. 

Speed transition to electric vehicles, sees the installation of 500,000 public charging outlets. 

Biden administration implements a high-speed passenger rail system between New York and Washington, and then moves to implement a California high speed rail and construction project of a high-speed rail system from coast to coast.  

Biden government provides every American city with 100,000 or more residents with high-quality zero-emissions public transportation options. 

Strengthen worker organizing, collective bargaining and unions. Biden will ensure that racial equity is part of the mandate of the Federal reserve..   

Stocks will keep climbing as new vaccines get more industries workers back to work. Rising interest rates and slow growth in Big Tech will keep markets out of the bull territory.

Oil $50 per barrel

Bitcoin could average between $50,000 to the $100,000 mark by end of 2021. 

Gold hit $1,642.46 to $1,650+ by 2021.

Bitcoin vending machines set up in grocery stores in US will become popular as a new form of currency, as we move into a cashless society.

Best stocks to buy in 2021 will be Caterpillar, Becton Dickinson, First Solar, Canopy Growth.

Technology 2021

New US legislation raises more money for science and technology and will remake the National Science Foundation, to prevent China and other tech rivals from outpacing the US. This money will lead to investment in research artificial intelligence, robotics etc. and for ten new regional tech hubs outside the current ones.

President Biden will step up antitrust scrutiny of Big Tech by appointing regulators who will be more skepitcal of megamergers and anticompetitive behavior. They will do more probing of digital privacy, data collection and other issues to inform potential action. 

Wearable technology to help human performance with artificial and machine learning. Homes, offices and even cities connected by intelligent spaces and smart places. 

Voice interfaces and chatbots new way of communicating by speaking or typing our requests used in businesses more.

Digital platforms i.e. Uber, Airbnb and Facebook trend to be used by traditional businessses to facilitate connections and exchanges between people. 

266 million Americans replaces their smart phones in 2021 to incorporate 5G speed. 

India’s digital payments to hit $500bn but will bump up against regulation. That may help Facebook’s planned crypto-currency launch.

Insurance will head online.

Japan will build a robotic lunar outpost been completed in  2021..

Coming soon Smartphones that can spot a counterfeit bill,

Online education replaces conventional colleges with Harvard and other Universities new online course reaching 6,000 world-wide.

New sighting and several landings of unknown lights and objects are observed on and above earth, moon and solar system planets

British Royalty 2021

British crown

Prince William the heir to the British throne may be hospitalized with a mystery disease. 

Prince Harry to return for a visit to England and reconciles with his brother Prince William. 

Prince of Wales to be crowned King by 2022.

Prince Charles will slim down the Monarchy reducing the number of full time working members of the family to only to those in the immediate line of succession.  When he succeeds to the throne the Prince will be known as King of England. Prince Charles’s new Royal fashion line will be very popular and put the British fashion industry on the world map.

Prince Philip may suffer ill-health and be hospitalized. Queen Elizabeth  may gradually reduce her royal duties and abdicate if her husband is no longer around.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reconciles with her father, and gives birth to a second child with Prince Harry. Archie the son of Meghan and Prince Harry. will receive his due royal title from the Queen.

Names for Meghan’s baby girl could be Diana, Elizabeth, Meg or Alexandra.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, may drop her title in order to enter the Presidential race if President Biden doesn’t run a second term in 2024.

Prince Harry starting his own charitable organization with the help of technical giants of USA.

Sports 2021

Five new sports will take place in Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2021 only if Tokyo allows the games if not this year 2022 and these new sports will be karate, skateboarding, surfing, sports climbing and baseball/softball for medals.

United States to legalize mobile sports betting, e-sports, casino and gaming expansions. 

The NWSL and NBA will set up safe sporting events which will become a model for the Tokyo Summer Games.

Pickleball, a form of tennis played on a smaller court will become a fast growing recreation sports in US, and its gear will grow to 10% in years to come.

The Los Angeles Dodgers could score big in Baseball going all the way to the finals and winning the World Series.

Hollywood, Celebrities, Famous People 2021

Singer Dolly Parton to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for all her humanitarian work.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, Apple, Warner Bros.and other entertainment streaming platforms will see their profits soar in 2021.

Singer Lady Gaga and Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt tied to make a love connection in Japan while filming the racy thrilled “Bullet Train.”

Hollywood producers push to form a union to protect their rights in the streaming era

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman tie the knot, and the Queen knights the movie and entertainment mogul. Khloe Kardashian announces she is pregnant. 

Wedding bells for Taylor Swift. 

Jessica Simpson makes a big post-pandemic musical comeback.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez get engaged.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to have a surrogate give birth to a baby for them or adopt a child.

Alyssa Wray of Perryville Kentucky could possible be one of the three finalists of the TV show American Idol 2021.

Mathew McConaughey will go on a stand-up comedy tour.

Singer Duffy in England announces her engagement.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky to marry.

Sad Goodbyes to Barbara Walters, Betty White, Larry King.

Natural disasters 2021

Direct impact of COVID-19 will last for well over 2 years.

China’s hidden symptom-free coronavirus cases predict the virus is not over in that country.

Northern Japan new Quake or Tsunami could affect Pacific Islands and Hawaii.

Europe will suffer from a fresh food shortage.

New strange weather patterns and earth alignments are recorded as well as unusual Paranormal events of spirit phenomena.

More states in USA taking steps to protect flooding, and raising monies for storm victims, flood bumps, sea walls and fires.

Some cities world-wide experience floods, rains and hurricanes, California, Indonesia, New Orleans, India, Florida.

Earthquakes up to 6.2 up to 7.0 or just below for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Japan, Alaska, New Zealand. Power outages in New York and San Francisco.

Hurricane season reaps havoc for parts of New York city, high tides and storms for Philippines, with wild fires in Canada, and Australia. Flooding in China and Caribbean in Winter of 2020.

Wildfires in California again and severe drought season in several states in USA.

Health 2021

Scientist Dr. Katalin Kariko will receive the Nobel prize in chemistry for decades of research that led to both Covid-19 vaccines.
Artificial intelligence will play a big part in the coronavirus fight as it will turn data into a coronavirus-fighting tool. It will gather information globally to alert clients faster than government agencies. 

US COVID-19 trend lines are going in the right direction with the death rate slowing down in some parts of USA, as more people get the Covid-19 vaccination. 

New technology become available that can detect an anti-virus antibody in under one minute and once developed this technology can be used to detect antibodies against COVID-19.  

Large companies will acquire some health chains will buy hospitals and doctor’s offices. 

Research will produce  more health monitoring will power global smart watch, and ways these watches could fight the coronavirus thorough universities in USA. 

New medical advances in cancer diseases and ultra violet color  and EMS treatments. 

Asia Pacific will lead the world out of Covid-19 before Europe and US. Universities in USA will come out with courses on Coronavirus and research projects added forecasting treatments. 

More home-grown products manufactured in USA and medical supplies. 

Trauma pandemic forces world societies on the  way we run our lives in future with young people studying at home and reshaping the business culture. 

More money resources put into Parks where people can safely social distance – will be the new health trend instead of shopping malls which are breeding places for COVID-19.

 Changes in U.S. health care system, with a health care plan that caters to all. 

Medicare will expand its medical provides allowing also for more billing for telemedicine. 

New VR program to help with new socialisation and mental health for those who have to self isolate. 

Universal health care with public federal funding given to all who contribute to take c/o of families and children when parents work

New cures childhood Cancer- end of Aids disease in America.

New treatments for multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis, and a Cannabis based treatment for epilepsy.