Judy Hevenly Biography

Judy Hevenly

Born in South Africa the land of magic and mysticism, Judy developed her intuitive abilities when she was fifteen when her father who had a funeral business encouraged her to close her eyes and go within. Judy did so and was given messages from the other side to comfort and console those who had lost loved ones.

When Judy left her home country she traveled to England. There she signed up and became a volunteer in the Israeli Army. It was in Israel three months later that Judy’s inner voice warned of danger, she listened, and resigned from the army. Later Judy learned a group of young people in her army division had all been killed.

Back in London on a rainy night as Judy was walking home from work, a woman suddenly approached her from nowhere. She grabbed her hand and looking in her eyes said ‘ you will help many people with your gift.’ Then the lady mysteriously disappeared. Judy remembered these words years later when she arrived in America and worked for a company in Los Angeles. One cold winter day at lunch time sitting on a park bench, Jesus appeared to her in a vision. Judy realized at that moment that her gift of intuition should be used to help people. It was then that Judy’s life changed forever, people out of nowhere sought her help. She left her day job immediately to work in her chosen field.

Judy found herself been called to other countries including India to help those in need, and an article about her work appeared in the “Times of India.” She was offered to write a column for women in that country. She donated her services for several years to doing this, and improving the lives of women in India.  Judy also spent times with holy people both in the Far East, and in America.

She now devotes her time full-time in helping people in United States, Europe, Israel, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Africa, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.