July 2017 World Predictions

President Trump’s visit to Poland will emphasize the country’s great example of economic and social reforms, that Poland has been a great US ally and celebrate Poland’s emergence as a new European power.

Trump will also talk about Nato’s article on self-defense. Poland will be supportive of Trump.

Historic meeting of Trump with Putin possible will include asking the Russians to back off over Ukraine and to reassure Eastern Europe. Fighting Isis in Syria will be another talking point and Putin’s relationship with Syria’s Bashar-al-Assad, and what he thinks is ‘‘the norm,’ going forward in that country.

US will also have talks with Putin in establishing in Syria the ‘no fly zones.’ The President will also discuss North Korea and Putin’s support in dealing with that country. Lastly the possibility of cyber challenges and what to do about them.

President Trump will speak to 12 Central Europeans, Baltic and Western Balkan leaders at the Three Seas Conference. He’ll talking about infrastructure development and energy security. Also he will meet Croatian President who will be co-host of the Conference.

The President main objective at the NATO summit is to work with world leaders to jump-start the world economy, also that other countries not only strengthen their own growth but work together to address challenges that other countries face.

He will also discuss US Trade policies, insisting on fair trade the best way to strengthen the international trading system. Trump will remain committed to work with leaders on innovative technologies and sound environmental policies. Re Paris agreement the US President will make it clear he is open to re-engaging in a new policy if it makes sense to him and the people of United States.

Also Trump will talk about famine and other global crisis’ at the G 20 Summit. US is a very large donor to humanitarian assistance which helps to stabilize insecure regions while building strong relationships with people and nations world-wide.

Lastly Trump will discuss at the G 20 women’s economic empowerment with quality employment and pay, and equal access to the work place.

Nuclear crisis with N. Korea will see the President putting real pressure on China to help with this nation. If China is unable to help, US will put sanctions on China’s companies and banks doing business with North Korea.

Trump will handle N. Korea missile carefully and call on China for more help, but China will require US warships to back off N. Korean waters. Secretary of State Tillerson will call all nations to stand together against N. Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons at an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Trump will put maximum pressure on the country and call for sanctions against N. Korea, and as a last resort dialogue between himself and Kim Jong-un. Also the possibility on the table a return of international inspectors to N. Korean laboratories or a talk between US and North Korea.

President Macron (France) becomes big player on world front together with Trump, Merkel, Putin and President of Turkey. He will employ open trade, human rights and diversity.

Angela Merkel will be re-elected German Chancellor in 2017.

The US economy in the second half of the year remains on track and is good, car sales, are pulling back, but building of home still looks strong.

Nancy Poloski will still remain with the Democratic party and see the Democrats will back in the House in 2018.

Judge Kennedy or Judge Ruth Ginsberg may retire leaving open a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Cyril Ramaphosa will win ANC’s leadership battle in South Africa in December 2017.