August 2017 World Predictions

President Trump faces mounting obstacles as he tries to enact his plans for America. Many key posts in his administration are not filled. There are still a lot of vacancies in the federal government that need to be chosen for presidential appointees. These jobs must be confirmed by the Senate. Trump has filled very few of them. Presidential appointees are vital to developing and carrying out policies that are headed by the White House. This is very important during times when Congress is at a standstill forcing the president to govern through regulation.

I predict there will be some kind of health bill could pass before the end of the year. This probably could be funding to help those individuals that have low-income with copays and other out-of-pocket expenses. Possibility that Trump would allow regulatory waivers to allow states to come up with new health care strategies.

Next on President Trumps agenda will be rewriting the tax code. I predict Republicans will come up with modest rate cuts.

Washington will come up with monies also to fund coastal erosion on America’s shores because of severe weather and rising sea levels.

Meanwhile I also see that Congress will try to starve North Korea of the money it needs to develop its growing nuclear weapons program. Proposed legislation by President Trump would stipulate that Chinese and other foreign financial institutions who did business with North Korea would no longer have access to the US financial system. This legislation is similar to the move that is patterned after the same one aimed at Iran’s nuclear program.

On the international front Poland will buy more of US’s natural gas, as they wish to rely less on Russia for this.

Re Venezuela and deteriorating economic conditions with short of food, crime and disease will see a lot of its citizens fleeing, and a change of government in 2018.

Possibility of another of President Trump’s top government officials resigning before end of 2017. President Macron (France) becomes big player on world front together with Trump, Merkel, Putin and President of Turkey. He will employ open trade, human rights and diversity, and leads the way as a new global leader in soft power with France’s positive global outlook and rise in big part to pro business and his pro EU agenda.

Angela Merkel will be re-elected German Chancellor in 2017.

The US economy in the second half of the year remains on track and is good, car sales, are pulling back, but building of home still looks strong.

Nancy Pelosi will still remain with the Democratic Party and see the Democrats will back in the House in 2018.

Judge Kennedy or Judge Ruth Ginsberg may retire leaving open a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Cyril Ramaphosa will win ANC’s leadership battle in South Africa in December 2017.