July 2019 Horoscope

ARIES March 21 – April 20 Mercury goes retrograde July 7th in Leo and direct in Cancer August 1st. During July avoid been entangled in emotions of others. Keep your independence. Your career and financial goals should be within your grasp. Time to start a new health and exercise regime. “Singles,’ find love in unusual places.
TAURUS April 21 – May 21 A lot of work challenges this month. If you do not take care of your boundaries others will decide your value. Try not to say yes to everything asked of you. Because of Mercury retrograde this July you are highly defensive. Find ways to nurture yourself and count to ten before speaking. Take time out on July 4th to celebrate.
GEMINI May 22– June 21 Check the accuracy of facts or the opinions of others or sharing facts too early. The Solar and Lunar Eclipse on July 1 and July 16th make you feel uncomfortable. Use your mental agility to keep things in perspective. Ride out any discontent and refrain from any extreme reactions. Once Mercury goes direct August 1, you will have a new sense of purpose.
CANCER June 22 – July 22 This July your emotional buttons will be pressed and appropriate action and choices ignored. Listen to your intuition and take charge of yourself and your life. Examine the role you play in your work field. Do you give yourself permission to dream beyond your comfort zone. Your tendency is to play it safe, yet that may not suffice. Now’s the time to take the risk and step over the line.
LEO July 23 – August 22 There is danger this month that you take on a task beyond your experience. You could be over confident without assessing the full consequences of your choice. You’re not sure of the path ahead. Don’t worry. For too long you have taken c/o of everything except yourself. In order for your new day to dawn you need to turn inward and take c/o of yourself.
VIRGO August 23 – September 22 Avoid tunnel vision this July i.e. tasks, priorities can wait until later in the month as you will come up with better solutions. Tune in and listen to the whole issues at hand. Trust your intuition instead of blindly moving ahead. Re relationships, take a long hard look at just what you need. You give a lot but do not get much in return. Respect your choices but decide how you are going to go about and alter this imbalance.
LIBRA September 23 – October 22 Address all work matters in a timely fashion if not you will run into problems later on. Don’t over focus on the need of others. Your renewed confidence has you thinking what you truly want in your personal relationship now. The Solar Eclipse July 16th invites you to go beyond your comfort zone and your old patterns to a new beginning. One that promises great growth and emotional satisfaction.
SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 Clear and let go emotional baggage while Mercury is in retrograde in order to be more present with people you work with. Career-wise there are so many directions you can go in, but now you realize you want a change. Time to explore alternative solutions. Powerful people could prove valuable to you. As a result matters should go very well for you this month.
SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21 You feel your own personal truth this July, and a need for expansion. Take time out in nature or travel and explore new horizons. You come back refreshed. Check all work facts, don’t ignore details rather ask others their input now don’t go it alone – you will be glad you did. Events over which you have no control seem to be coming together to make things happen for you. Go with the flow.
CAPRICORN December 22 – January 20 Don’t micromanage, allow the full expression and input of others – this way viable and effective solutions will come about. Your energy is high at this time, you may think of traveling or direct some of this energy into creative projects. Take care not to overdo it. You could still get tired. Be kind to yourself as old emotions you’ve held in your body could come up. Just release these feelings, don’t let them take over your life.
AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 This is a cycle to recheck if a decision or course of action needs to be revisited or adjusted. This July you enter a rejuvenated and happier period. Take time for some play and fun. Mid-month is a time to fast-track a favorite idea or project. Be patient with delays. Everything works out in the end, as long as you don’t push. Be happy and hopeful this month, as your inner power is at all all time high.
PISCES February 20 – March 20 – Try to limit and absorb the needs and emotions of others as this will only confuse you and you will not be able to think straight. Re-establish yourself by listening to your heart in order to gain clarity. Don’t trust things will turn out – have a good plan in place to make this happen .Work-wise consider your needs and aspirations and formulate a plan of action to make them a reality. Love-wise a happy time.