March 2020 Horoscope

March 21– April 20
Don’t take any unnecessary risks that don’t support that kind of action. This March it is time to move beyond your comfort zone and connect to something higher than yourself. Keep everything in perspective and you will be fine.

April 21– May 21
Your life seems to be pushed to a limit. However this awareness is an invite to a new you. In a relationship you create a new understanding of what you want. Those acquaintance you no longer need fall away. This shift requires stillness and awareness. Do things make you feel nurtured and loved.

May 22 – June 21
You feel good mentally physically and emotionally. You have strength to do away with anything in your life that is no working. Now you are kinder and more caring to everyone. Career-wise its an opportunity to multitask and impress the VIP’s.

June 22 – July 22
Your inner strength and determination has you embracing a clear sense of where you are going. You now adapt to circumstances. You need a break this month, schedule some downtime before you make big changes. 2020 is a busy year, you know you have what it takes.

July 23 – August 22
Your deeper conscious is aware of changes. Time to let go of your worries and embrace you inner bravery and go for it. Take things as they come in personal relationships. Don’t do anything hasty. Take time to examine your life’s pathway and ascertain what works and what doesn’t in life life.

August 23 -September 22
Remove the obstacles to claim and express your inner creativity that works for you. Be open to what your heart shows about yourself rather than what others say of you. Review your work priorities. You emerge from this month renewed regenerated and full of hope.

September 23– October 22
September 23 – October 22 As you respect yourself others do too this March. You are happy over plans and creating a new work model for success. Remember you are a work in progress, one day at a time. Love relationships take their own path this month.

October 23– November 21
You feel you can do anything this month and your energy is off the charts. You complete everything in record time. As you do so you create a new pathway for yourself. You cannot wait to see what happens next. Take time out for some R and R.

November 22 – December 21
It’s a month of unpredictability. One minute you’re ready to tackle the world and next moment you’re looking where to hide. You’ll feel better when Mercury comes out of retrograde March 10th and on on St. Patrick’s day celebrate with family and friends.

December 22 – January 20
You know you are on solid ground in your inner being. This is the source of your true security. Now when faced with choosing the right path going forward you will not be overwhelmed. You will make the right choice. Take time out for fun, some laughter and hanging out with friends. You accomplish a lot by building strong relationships.

January 21– February 19
Turn your attention inward this month. Be ready for a power change in your life. You want to connect with others but at the same time you need time alone. Accept this and act accordingly. Good news come to you about the future, its good to keep quiet about it.

February 20 – March 20
You will be pushed out your comfort zone this March however it feels like something is breaking. You will find everybody else feels overwhelmed like you. You feel better knowing that you are not alone. Take time to take care of your physical and emotional body. This gives you the strength to face the future.