November 2020 Horoscope

March 21– April 20

Life is hard to pin down and you are not clear as to your next step. Take one day at a time. Things become clearer November 3rd the day when Mercury moves forward. You have a wealth of ideas. File these away until you feel more grounded. You have the insight to navigate this period of intensity and come out of feeling renewed and ready to take on anything.

April 21– May 21

It’s not quite sailing this November but pretty close. You regain your inner peace and its much easier to implement new ideas and get ahead. Other people around you are not so lucky they are ready to fight. Stand your ground, be polite, say what you mean, don’t point fingers. Acknowledge how far you have come in 2020, and realize your greatest asset is yourself.

May 22 – June 21
You have a fresh appreciation of the rewards that come from hard work and what you want to accomplish. You are launching yourself confidently into a new future. Be careful of been too sensitive to remarks from those you love. Keep quiet and don’t participate. Trust that things are getting better in your life because you have persisted and never given up.

June 22 – July 22
You are in a combative mood if anyone gets in your way. Find a creative and physical outlet for your frustration if you don’t want to be pulled in a fight. You want what you want. You will find a kinder and more straightforward way of asking for it. You are tired of working so hard. Slow down let your intuition guide you, you are coming into a better cycle.

July 23 – August 22
Relax as things are a little confusing. Take matters in your own hands career-wise and get the answers you need. Mid month you have a burst of energy. Take a big step forward and manifest a long term goal as it has the potential to set in motion to create and build a better future for you. Stick with it. Love wise be kind to yourself and others.

August 23 -September 22
You will move forward with plans you made earlier in 2020. This takes off towards the end of the month and is successful. Stick to your plan to begin this endeavor by yourself before you take on a partner. The seeds you sow now go very deep and reflect the deep change you are making in how you see yourself and the world.

September 23– October 22
You feel under siege right now as you try to find the right balance in your life with unexpected challenges. Take comfort you can handle them no matter how unsettled you feel. The key to getting on with people this month is straight-taking. Do not take sides. Your honesty and frankness will pay off. Thanksgiving sees you celebrating with family and friends.

October 23– November 21
Sit and wait for the tide to turn in the middle of the month so you can finally run free. Know that all the steps you took to prepare yourself for this time are in place, now it’s time to act. Don’t pay attention to any rumors you hear in the work-place and steer clear of responding to what is been said. Try to go out in nature and enjoy the Fall weather, as this will fill you with renewed energy.

November 22 – December 22
You start this November been pleased with the progress you have made in improving relationships in the work field. Honor what you know is meaningful in your life not just to meet someone else’s expectations of you. Mid-month your mind is clear and you are ready to give your all to what you value. Take time out to relax and hike in nature and enjoy the Fall weather.

December 22 – January 20
November is the time to expand your social network and to reflect on all the changes you are going through. You find some tried-and-true friends and you don’t have a lot in common. What’s more you didn’t think this would happen. Well you can add new people without letting others go. Mid-November sees you taking a major step forward, it is a turning point. It holds much promise and hope, Go with it, it is real.

January 21– February 19
This month it is important to go with your gut feeling. Accept the growing pains that go along with it. You have the opportunity to build the capacity to go with the flow, and trust the process. Just know it is important, and appreciate what it creates in the future. Analyze all your previous achievements and make wise choices. Your future depends on it.

February 20 – March 20
November is a month of extremes. You can use it to your advantage. Allow it to shift your life in a way you hadn’t imagined. This amps up your intuition. At month’s end you end up with a sense of how to fuse your drive with ambition. You really have been working really hard this year to reboot. Time to relax and imagine . This way you are rewarded with renewed energy.