December 2022 Horoscope

This month is all about sharing your thoughts aloud with family and friends. Stick to your work schedule and complete all your tasks before the holidays. On December 20, Jupiter in Aries ushers in a new cycle of happiness and abundance. Embrace your true Self.

April 21– May 21
Take time to reflect on your blessings and benefits this year. Your luck turns and you obtain a heartfelt wish. A new door opens in your career, leading to a new job offer, Dec 7, the New Moon your thoughts turn to travel and visiting loved ones during the holidays.

May 22 – June 21
Time to lie low and focus on catching up with your exercise and sleep. The Full Moon in Gemini is all about sharing your spirit and enjoying the company of family and friends. Drive carefully during the holidays and stay away from those that wish to argue.

June 22 – July 22

Take it easy, relax, give yourself time to go with the flow. Surrender to the Universe. The first half of the month is good to schedule your yearly medical checkup. Unexpected money, a new job position or partnership arrives December 23. Singles may discuss marriage plans.

July 23 – August 22
Strike while you can love-wise as romance favors the bold. Midmonth the tide turns in your favor in your career. The New Moon, December 23 sees you achieving more recognition for all your hard work and starting a new chapter. Expect delays in communications when Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th.

August 23 -September 22
Go with the flow. Promotion or a new way of doing business will come your way. You fill the holiday season with special days and great memories friends and family can enjoy. The planet of good fortune occupies your sign until December 20, giving you a reason to give thanks for all the blessings you have received.


September 23– October 22
A wonderful month when everything aligns for you. You focus on finishing up a work project. The first half of the month could bring phone calls and messages from those at a distance. Work colleagues express positive attitudes as the new year wanes. Singles find love in unexpected places.


October 23– November 21
Prosperity comes you way in the first half of the month. This makes you happy and your holidays sparkles. Bond with those you love over the holidays. Xmas Eve embrace the family. December 28th is your lucky day.


November 22 – December 21
You shine like a star and the pieces of your life all come together. Luck favors you. The Full Moon Dec. 7 brings a turning point in a relationship – it is a win-win situation. The New Moon, Dec. 23rd, you could receive good news about a lucrative client or more money.


December 22 – January 20
December is the month to implement new plans. Keep a low profile while you work behind the scenes. Check with family members about holiday activities and entertainment. New Year’s Eve you receive unexpected, good news that has you smiling.


January 21 – February 19 You reach a turning point in matters of the heart mid-December. Singles find someone new. It’s a time to embrace new career opportunities, study, and travel. Dec 23 is a time to lie low and either resurrect a past situation with someone or to let them go completely.


You manage your energy better and take more time to enjoy the holiday season. Workwise you keep an open mind and find a new path to success. Build the life you want as more prosperity arrives in the New Year. Celebrity the holidays in style.