August 2018 Horoscope

March 21 – April 20
An exciting month, to take time off work, or a mini vacation. The Sun in Leo the 23rd of August accents the fun size of you, so relax and take it easy as you’ll be back in action towards the end of the month. The 25th sees new career arrangements highlighting your talents. Love blossoms.


April 21– May 21
Your personal life is in the spotlight this August. Whatever occurs near the eclipse on the 11th will change your thinking. The 19th you will see a shift. Plans on hold will start to move forward. The Full Moon the 26th puts the focus on close friends and your love-life.



May 22– June 21
An amazing time for you. All the idea and plans that you have implemented lately will lead you in a brilliant direction Take action. Be positive in your outlook, don’t give up when the going gets rough. The 23rd sees you making lifestyle changes.


June 22 – July 22
You will sort out finances this month and make new financial arrangements that will work out after 21st. Good feelings connected to your home will be the main focus in August. Issues that have bothered you in your career resolve themselves by month’s end.

July 23 – August 22
The solar eclipse in your birth sign this August is sure to alter your view of life. Mercury in retrograde sees most of your cherished plans won’t fly until Mercury goes direct the 19th. Mars the planet of action in your sign moves forward 27th where you break free of obstructions and get the attention you deserve.

August 23 – September 22
You have a lot to think about this month and your patience will be rewarded. Financial matter that have been held back will move forward the 19th. You will be able to see your path clearly. VIP’s and loved ones want you attention, so tuning into their needs pays off.



September 23 – October 22
Aim for the stars this August. Don’t listen to co-workers who don’t share your views. Keep cool in difficult conditions affecting your career and personal life. You will run into difficulties and delays. Your patience will pay off. Everything will fall into place by month’s end.



October 23 – November 21
A wonderful time for you to get out and make your presence felt. As Mercury is retrograde until the 25th, think thorough your goals and fine-tune your presentation. The Full Moon the 26th sees you out and about and enjoying time with family and friends. Love-wise August is the month to commit.


November 22 – December 21
This month is all about focusing on the present moment. The Sun shines on the most adventurous side of your chart. Explore new places, sight and ideas. The 23rd sees you entering a more ambitious time when ‘action,’ is the key. Whether it is your career or home, today’s initiatives are likely to bring great rewards.


December 22 – January 20
It’s hard to follow up on your plans this August as Saturn your ruler is out of sync. However the good news is Jupiter is moving ahead in your solar chart and the VIP’s you meet now will take you far. All the action you take pays off big time in the future. Socially it a fun cycle to be out and about.



January 21 – February 19
Your attention will be focused on those that matter the most. Work buddies and those closest to you will be going thorough a lot of changes. This improves after the eclipse on the 11th. Career-wise Jupiter the planet of good fortune shines the spotlight on you this August. You make progress in your career and ‘stand out.’


February 20 – March 20
Time to catch up with what you want and the details that keep your day to day operations run smoothly. You set up a new routine and concentrate on those plans that help you financially. Close relationships accented this August, and the Full Moon the 26th urges you to speak your mind.